Luque showcases a genius afternoon figure moment with Morante without steel and Carretero good bullfighting

this no tickets Azpeitia was hanged for the last of the San Ignacio Fair. Morante de la Puebla, Daniel Luque and Diego Carretero They knitted the Paseo with a bull run from La Palmosilla. At half past six the celebration began.

Study for the exquisite Morante palate before the first of La Palmosilla

Morante Azpeitia

Weighing 510 pounds, “Castarico” was the bull who opened the venue after Morante’s debut at this arena was forced to greet him with a third round of applause after the afternoon walk. He bullfighted the noble and classy beast slowly, where he led the horse through the chicuelinas on a walk and received two punches. And he left behind a nice, juicy, beautiful job… that’s being backed up by transitions over the tables. On the right, two series endorsed the clean and artistic line; naturally sealed moments of abandoned bullfights. Work for delicious palates where nothing is missing and nothing is missing. He made a short move, the bull fell slowly, his ear was demanded, he was not accepted by the box and was applauded.

Intense and lively work from Luque to the second, but the executioner takes the prize

Luke (2)

“Arropadito” was named second in the afternoon, an animal for which verduguillo won a major award from Daniel Luque. The bull did not allow himself to show off with the cloak, but led him to the horse in the style of bullfighting, taking two sticks from La Palmosilla, which became complicated in banderillas. At the beginning of the mission, the animal looked uncertain, but Gerena put it in the basket from both sides. Intense and lively work, tying both hands and bullfighting in a grand round of existence. Flight and note taking work. The duty of a born fighter with a clear head; He cut off his ear, but after all the thrust, the bull was slow to fall and he had to use something that cooled everything. applause.

Diego Carretero, merit natives versus third regenerator

No Title 80

Diego Carretero found himself with a third complex bull that fell short and was constantly replaced. The obscure animal from La Palmosilla, where the remnants of Hellín shine. The animal never surrendered, gracefully leading it to the horse and then flagging problems. The man from Albacete has done a solid, solid, brave job with no options… but he’s got significant natural values ​​on the left. Silence.

Morante, a delirium in the room: the steelless magic quest for “Solved” by La Palmosilla

Morante, second row around the ring.

“Solved” from La Palmosilla, which weighs 500 kilograms, finished fourth in the afternoon and second from Morante de la Puebla. He was a manageable bull and did a job full of personality, aesthetics with bullfighting details at the end of each series… but once he pierced it, it all went back to the ring. But the beamer certainly devoted himself to his work. If the sword had gone into him, he would have had a great reward, but the two holes and the entire sword, barely detached, got the rewards. José Antonio greeted the animal for a warm bouquet and a nice stocking; It took two good yards from La Palmosilla. The delirium in the left-handed piece came: slow naturals, lower the hand and fill the stage. Pedestrian flooring.

Two ears of law before the fifth at the time of the figure of Daniel Luque


The “abandoned” weighing 505 kilograms took fifth place in the afternoon, second in the party of Daniel Luque, where he gave two ears. The Gerena bullfighter excelled in both cape and muleta combat. He took care of it with sticks and gave only one to La Palmosilla, who was later applauded for his condition. His gang did very well in the banderillas and then Luque showed his moment of full maturity in his post. Two-handed parties with full aesthetics and bonding that benefit from the nobility and quality of the bull and are admired at the end of the series. He threw the aid in the epilogue of the work and literally got between the animal’s pythons, denying himself before him and burying the steel in the straps. The two ears of the law.

Listen to the good locals of Carretero before the sixth

No Title 81

Diego Carretero’s value before the Faena eruption and close frame. He came out with every intention of pleasing, catching him with a long exchange on the third, and then leaving three quality speedwells and a good closing average. He received a stick from La Palmosilla that hails Asier Etxaniz as the bullfighter of the land in the banderillas. Above all, the locals of Albacete stood out and left many quality moments in the vicinity as well. The man asked for his ear after the move given by the box for all the work of his young right hand.


Bullfighting azpeitia, Guipuzcoa. Third of the San Ignacio Fair. Bullfighting. Ticketless Full.

bulls palmosilla.

Moor from Puebla, Clap and return to the ring.

Daniel Luke, clap and two ears.

Diego Carter silence and ear

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