Madrid Autumn Fair: no bullfighting |  Culture

Madrid Autumn Fair: no bullfighting | Culture

The celebration responded to the low expectation the poster evoked. On paper, it didn’t seem optimal to close. fall fair. No. With all due respect, Miguel Ángel Perera, Juan Leal and Álvaro Lorenzo have created a predictable shortlist. And the result overcame the initial fears. Faced with an unequal bullfight in all aspects of Fuente Ymbro, the three bullfighters performed a sleepy recital as if the esportón of ideas was empty, their souls turned away from the bullfight, as if they didn’t care. I mean, emotion, that weird concept, but it’s the fertile essence of this show.

If bullfighting was a gift, it wasn’t; if it is also a feeling; and if it’s delivery, it was on vacation.

Ordinariness took over the scene in this bullfight, only frightened by the brilliant performances of some. silver bullfighters This left the bullfighting pavilion too high. Javier Abel, Andrés Revuelta, Iván García, Fernando Sánchez and Curro Javier are the banderillas – the second in capes in the first bullfight – and the picador Vicente González, who plays the live third of the varas. fifth bull. All bullfighting, bright and exciting moments.

Bland, synonymous with different versions, everything else was predictable. pegapacismo prevailing, general boredom and a sad and discouraging atmosphere. You should not come to Madrid with any other idea to dash, to give smooth passes, without a sense of command, without an apparent desire to motivate the public and convince them that paying the ticket was worth it.

Encastado and repeater were first, and Perera did a long and daring job as well as trivial, unfounded, and tired. It gave the impression of repeating a task that had been done without grace a thousand times. Invalid finished fifth, which exempted the bullfighter from searching nearby.

The proximity to the bull seems to please Juan Leal, who started and ended in arrimón as bullfighting was an effective formula for captivating audiences. And sometimes, he certainly succeeds, but he couldn’t finish his time at the fair because the bullfighting feeling he showed before the noble second of the afternoon was hollow and the fifth was so harsh and lifeless. convey fear of lines.

And Lorenzo found himself once again—a lucky bullfighter—a repetitive bull, and with the constancy of his attack, he made two long, rhythmic low passes that had previously seemed like the beginning of an artistic mission. No. Some loose muletazo, especially chest and stop counting. The gift of bullfighting is so secret that it was never seen before a partner who was instrumental in victory. And with the sixth, which in the second third fits greedily to the quotes of Iván García and Fernando Sánchez, again wrong, too detached, without self-confidence, and the animal is bored while the public has already slept for a good amount of time. .

Do the bullfighters believe that with this attitude they want to go back to the arena to see them again? Well that’s it.

Fuente Ymbro/Perera, Leal, Lorenzo

five bulls Ymbro Fountainwell presented, harmonious on the first and fifth horses, and tame on the others; buried first and third; the second is soft and noble, the fourth is void and the fifth is lifeless; and a bull-sixth- Port of San Lorenzowell presented, harmonious with the sticks and noble.

miguel angel perera: back move _warning_ (clap); moves falling and buttoning (silence).

john leal: puncture and move _warning_ (applause); half push and one self (silence).

Alvaro Lawrence: puncture and fall (applause); two holes and the bull is thrown (silence).

Sales Square. The fourth run of the Autumn Fair. October 9th. Almost full (19,123 spectators, according to the company).

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