Marcial Lalanda, adiós “al más grande”

Marcial Lalanda, farewell to the ‘greatests’

The autumn afternoon is full of lines from Las Ventas. Six bulls from Salamanca rancher Antonio Pérez fought for Marcial Lalanda (clap, two ears and tail and ear), Pepe Luis Vázquez (clap, clap and two ears) and Juan Mari Pérez-Tabernero, who confirmed the alternative, were captured. in his first bull. The capture of the approving group put the celebration hand in hand between “the greatest” and “that blonde god of San Bernardo.” Right-handed, the man from Madrid and Seville came out the front door. The last bull Marcial Lalanda stocked belonged to Antonio Pérez’s herd, his name was Bombita, number 101 and marked with black fur. 21-year bullfighter Marcial Lalanda stabbed 2,271 cattle in 1,070 bullfights he participated in.

In the ABC newspaper of October 20, 1942, Giraldillo said of the performance of the bullfighter from Madrid: “His crutch to Cazador, the second bull in bullfighting, may remain a model of art, values ​​and science. It was Martial! Your fans may shout. He stuck his feet in the sand; crutches supported by rapier held firm. Adjusted to the bull’s straight, perfect and obedient attack, it accepts the bull three times in the pass. And then, the crutch on the left, more towards the centre, Marcial gives five naturals on a fair level with the crutch, commands and commands between the flannel, the bull’s head is docile under the command of a bullfighter. gives his last lesson. And the tight chest transition closes the gorgeous range. Then there are other transitions. The bullfighter is among the pythons. It is decorated without excess. Classic is a basic task. And by measuring the bull’s probabilities, it cuts the job where it should be, at the exact pass. For a good kill, get in and get almost all the steel up. The bull is rounded without lace. The square is carpeted with hats, and white handkerchiefs are flying in the stands. Marcial cuts both ears and tail. The fourth bull is offered to Carmencita Franco. He starts by putting both knees on the ground, pushing the bull hard, walking boldly and thus making two passes. very fair and brave. He fights with both hands, puts everything on his side and sinks into the cataract of excess, kneels in front of the bull’s face and bites or kisses the right python. Killing of a short push, confirmed by the use of marrow and cut off one ear.

Regarding Sevillian Pepe Luis Vázquez, the same critic analyzes his performance: “The San Bernardo boy had the best Madrid afternoon on Sunday. How he fought as a crutch! It was his victory on the third bull, something remained. He started with four naturals and then the chest passed and rubbed against his chest, passing the entire bull from the tip of the python to the tip of his tail, looking for the crutch that made him jealous. Others pass to the left, and then the majesty of a mission that I felt Gallito felt by Chicuelo’s sovereign grace unfolds. But yesterday’s Pepe Luis He added and surpassed these two men on crutches. Elegance in assists, grace in hand changes, rest in decorations… After a few knee-pauses, he went to the kill, pierced the prize and diluted it. The new task, calm and hard, carves out the immeasurable filigree of the crutch task. This time, Sevillian’s hands are half a move and two ears.

It should be noted that Juan Mari Pérez Tabernero, the son of the farmer to whom the bulls belong, began his post after the confirmation ceremony with three very good passes, followed by a natural breaststroke. He was caught by the bull on a low pass, giving him a point that prevented him from continuing the fight.

Our companion José Luis Suárez Guanes from Applause summed up the afternoon of farewell in his book “Madrid, head of the bullfights”: “On the one hand, the mastery of José’s line is represented in the Marcial. The entire epitome of science bullfighting has disappeared forever. Also a term: the silver one. It is the period when Belmonte is the biggest and strongest bull, which carries the bullfighting created by Belmonte to the slowest and slowest levels, and also has the most figures in history, facing Marcial’s chair as the last tank in the style of Bullfighting. …and, on the other hand, the immeasurable art of Pepe Luis Vázquez. The magic of Giralda. Sevillanía has inherited Chicuelo’s art, the winged grace of Rafael “El Gallo”. The spontaneity of making it perfect, the way she guides her enemies with just her voice, and the way the crutch sticks with just two fingers to give it the most extraordinary naturalness before and after her baroque and floral embellishments, without the slightest sense of effort. capote had built the Mudejar architecture. From the main gate of the Monumental, two eras took place: the one that went with the martial teacher and the one that came from the hands of Pepe Luis Vázquez”.

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