Morante arrives at Alba de Tormes on the hundred-pass border

Morante arrives at Alba de Tormes on the hundred-pass border

More than a hundred performances Morante de la Puebla’s roundest year, five of them will be in Salamanca. The fifth will be in Alba de Tormes this Sunday, where it will hold its 99th parade of its busiest year. To these five performances in the Charo region, two more were added, in short, not in the lights. at festivals Valero of Sierra Y vitigidino. He’s only done one double at La Glorieta, that and the roof of Alba de Tormes is the only stage the talented cigar maker has ever stepped on. It debuted in Salamanca on September 18, 1998, and celebrated its 18th parade at the last Fair on the very afternoon it opened its first major gate in this square. On October 21, 2006, Morante made his debut at Alba de Tormes, fighting a bull from Vellosino. At a celebration where Javier Valverde and Gallo head over a completed poster, he divided opinions and cut off the ear of another María Luisa Paniagua. Here he will alternate Antonio Grande in the presence of Daniel Luque this Sunday against the bulls from El Pilar and Francisco Galache. It is undoubtedly the most promoted, attracted and auctioned poster of the year in the province of Salamanca. Neither in Valero nor in Vitigidino – he fought two festivals in the first part of the course – neither in Guijuelo nor in Béjar, he did it in midsummer before his star twin in La Glorieta, Morante de la Puebla. fought. Four presentations and four conquests in a year where everything revolves around him. And in it no less than a quarter of a century has fulfilled an alternative (Burgos, 29 June 1997). This is how he celebrated the holidays. Only In all his years as a bullfighter, he fights more than everIt not only fulfills the dream of imitating the adored Joselito El Gallo, the first bullfighter in history to pass hundreds of celebrations, but also presents the best version of bullfighting, the image of one of the most complete bullfighters in history.

different from all

Not the best because Morante is different from everyone else. But yes, after turning everything around, because he is not only the master painter of his beginnings, nor is he an artist of recent years. He emerged as a gifted cigar maker, a brave bullfighter, and an exceptional technique. As one of the most skillful swords that led him to eliminate many issues. He is the bravest and most organized of all artists. And it has also shown that he retains interest and novelty for the fan at the end of the course, not only because of his talent and genius, but also because of his frequent appearances on television or after almost a hundred performances. After fighting in the towns and showing your face like no one else did at all the big fairs of the season. Nothing is missing from the season. Everything has been added. An effective piece of information: 23 parades in the squares of the first category; and 34 in second grade. More than half of the celebrations were in the big circuit.

Hundred little walks Hundred afternoon bullfights with a distinguished affiliation to Campo Charro farms. He didn’t get the first killed by Hermanos García Jiménez until the end of the course in Valladolid on 15 May, and from then on the course he fought Salamanca would be announced by nine different irons on the 23 afternoon. cattle. The Matilla family, along with Castillejo de Huebra and Puerto de San Lorenzo, are the three teams that have competed the most by four runs. To these will be added Francisco Galache, who has stocks in Salamanca and Corella (Navarra) and will be seen again this weekend afternoon with a bull in Jaén on Saturday and Alba de Tormes on Sunday. The same will be true for El Pilar’s currency, as a bull from this herd will also fight at the same event on Sunday in Alba de Tormes and on the 22nd in Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila). These three bullfighting arenas are the last three where Morante will feed his charro cattle. They will be 26 afternoons in the overall calculation of the 101 performance of the year by the right-handed cigar maker.

Madrid, Cadiz, Seville and Salamanca

In this order, the provinces where Morante has fought the most this 2022 appear.. Of the 101 contracts signed this year (to which the two aforementioned festivals are added), five would compete in Salamanca, the towns and the Fair. A reflection of his dedicated season. The province of Salamanca was among Morante’s most celebrated at this exercise. Madrid alone surpasses him where he has made the paseo a dozen times: four times he has done the paseo at Las Ventas, Valdemorillo, Aranjuez, Torrejón de Ardoz, Arganda del Rey, Colmenar Viejo have been added. , Alamo. , Navalcarnero and Las Rozas. Madrid is followed by Cádiz with seven performances (he will reach eight with Ubrique in the afternoon) and Sevilla with six at La Maestranza. He then appears with five appearances, playing in Salamanca, Badajoz.

La Glorieta among the couples of the year

La Maestranza with six performances (Easter Market, three at the April Fair and two at San Miguel); and Las Ventas, four of which (three in San Isidro and another in Autumn) are Morante’s most fought bullfights this season. La Glorieta doubled as first-class venues as in Valencia and Dax, and nine second-class venues: Castellón (both in La Magdalena), Jerez, Valladolid (San Pedro Regalado and September), Albacete (Asprona and September) fair), Alicante (both in Hogueras), Burgos (both at the fair), El Puerto de Santa María and Linares. Doubled in Olivenza as well. A busy year for everything. Not only for the quantity, but also for the size.

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