Morante de la Puebla is (or not) the greatest bullfighter in history |  Culture

Morante de la Puebla is (or not) the greatest bullfighter in history | Culture

If, after a whole year, a dozen bullfights provoked mayhem and subsequent controversy, Last Friday in SevilleAt the bullfighting festival, no one talked about the crisis. What happened at La Maestranza was nothing but a kind of inner transformation, a purification brought about by an intense life experience. This was an extraordinary, surprising and unexpected situation in the hands of an artist who, without knowing why, felt inspired by a bull who had just moments ago caused the rejection of a large part of the bullfight.

However, this was not a unique opportunity. The same bullfighter starred in transcendent dramas last afternoon May 7During the April Fair, in front of a demanding and closed Garcigrande bull with both ears cut off; and another unforgettable moment happened On October 1, 2021At the San Miguel Fair, in front of Juan Pedro Domecq, an invalid artist who lost his ears.

Three afternoons confirming the mystery that has solidified bullfights for more than three centuries; One day, one hour, without a clear roadmap, that spark arises like a cramp that spreads along the lines, hypnotizing everyone present and injecting them with a kind of happiness. From there, exaggerations, arguments, participation and refusals are allowed, which today is nothing but the sap that always gives life to the festival of bulls, fed up with boredom and reluctance.

Morante’s merit is to claim that bullfighting is a secret, decipher it, and tell it publicly.

this is great virtue Moor from Puebla: Justify the bullfighting as a mystery, decipher it and say it in front of everyone. But secrets cannot be disclosed and are not subject to worldly laws, regulations, customs or requirements. This is a simple and complex question of faith. After last Friday’s bullfight, the modern tavern, the technological rock of social networks, has bubbled up among fans and detractors, fans still under the baffling effects of the morantista potion, and others who feel offended by what they see as profanity. against bullfighting.

Neither for one nor for the other. We’ll see. Bull of brothers García Jiménez, shot Namely, a typical juampedro by family, craftsmanship, courage and nobility; that is, an animal designed and bred for the glory of today’s figures. His departure was protested because he seemed to be limping from behind, but he was ill and not dying; After some hesitation at first, he obeyed on horseback, chasing the banderillas and reaching for crutches with a good-natured spirit, and his life was fixed. A modern bull.

The innovative detail is that there is an unpredictable artist in front of him and they have created a work that is thought-provoking, intense, emotional and flawed as well as addictive. A task that moves or irritates the skin, creating hives or hairs.

Fernando Robleño in front of José Escolar's bull in Las Ventas on September 18.
Fernando Robleño in front of José Escolar’s bull in Las Ventas on September 18.Alfredo Arevalo

From this moment on, comparisons, radical stances, excessive love or hate are meaningless. Some proclaimed Morante de la Puebla to be the greatest bullfighter in history. no man no best Many, each in its own historical moment and in connection with the public bullfight. Morante may be the best bullfighter in amateur history today, which is no small thing, but it’s impossible to compare him to any figure of the past. It has become so many and so great that the mere posting stinks of heresy.

“I am staying Fernando Robleno Before a coup by José Escolar in Madrid. This is endless bullfighting for me. The Morante thing is for you”, confirmed another. The options are valid, but hateful comparisons. Oak-tree last day 18 His life’s mission in Las Ventas and one of the greatest works of the year, and Morante is another, equally great, personal and different. Art cannot be compared.

One tweeter wrote, “All those describing Morante’s work on the fourth injury as a major event are actively involved in spreading the idea that the bull is a companion, not the foundation of the show.” invalid animal that does not exist but has lost its importance in modern bullfighting

Without comparison, how was the bull of post-civil war Spain, for which Manolete formed his legend? What has been said is not intended to justify the unjust blow against Turkey. bull king not in the name of the current bullfight, but to uphold the axiom that legendary bullfighters are above fashion or even the norm.

Fernando Robleño and Morante, the authors of the two big missions of the year, disagree with the comparison.

It is true that Garcigrande mentioned last April’s Fair, but as this Hnos did, Morante’s work will reach another dimension before a veiled nobility bull. artistic passion. The frenzy that took place last Friday at La Maestranza must be experienced to feel it and make it your own; and when the audience lets this invisible thread fall into their trap, their mind becomes clouded and all that comes up is feeling.

As a result, the face-to-face experience of a fleeting and unpredictable spectacle like a bullfight in its glory does not give the same intensity as reading, listening to, or watching it in a later video. It’s not the same. There were fans who complained that they didn’t carry Morante on their shoulders over the Puerta del Príncipe; he didn’t cut three ears – the normative reason – certainly, but whoever is able to turn a bullfight into something magical in an afternoon (also in the case of Robleño in Madrid) has the right to open the bullfights wide open.

“It is a privilege to coincide with such a bullfighter,” one tweeter said. “I woke up with Morante’s work on my mind,” another yawned. Third, “Did bullfighting reach its artistic climax with Morante’s work?” she wondered.

So is Morante the greatest bullfighter in history? Probably not, but who cares. If only they were like him and Fernando Robleño could compose a dozen works of art like his. It would be the best proof that a bullfight’s heart beats with energy.

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