Morante, Luque and Toricantano Antonio Grande on shoulders at Alba de Tormes – Bullfight

Alba de Tormes and her Saint… The 400th anniversary of St. Teresa of Christ and her canonization, which is worth a bullfight just in case. And here on the poster in the state of Salamanca, where Morante de la Puebla is in its year, Daniel Luque is one of this season’s winners, and on top of that, a provincial alternative, Antonio Grande, for those who want more.

Antonio took the Big’s alternate with two bullfighting figures. It has always been sanctioned by the bullfights circuit in Castilla y León and likewise finished third in the first edition. Luckily, a red fork with a table. Two encounters with the horse are satisfying in banderillas. How could Faena toast her mother less? With ‘Gandillito’ the great fixity on the crutch, he was always aware of it. Bravo and buried couldn’t bend too much as he clasped his hands. Based on friction, toricantano took the images to the task. Very fine touches that made the crutches fly, warmed the lines. His python, left and outside, naturally meant his bullfight, the temple. A push was worth both ears.

A punch with Pilar’s iron blocking the square. And an outstanding lift by chicuelinas. He got the best stock. The bull with the figure 7 on his right shoulder had the best possible condition, humiliation. Always in the middle, long, close, firmly and with his nose on the ground. Antonio Grande knew how to give him enough space to deliver the bull on crutches. One, but, one more step to help you flirt more rhythmically. Right python bull. Two natural sequences that I have left to keep hooking the respectable hook. He finished on his knees in the middle of the ring and disarmed, but that’s what those who want to eat the world desire. By dragging the bull by two ears and behind.

Alternative Don Jose Antonio is the godfather of Morante. What could be better godfather to accompany you in the wisdom of this art? A black-cloaked bull very similar to the Vega Villar mating. Saddles and narrow temples. Without any constancy and with an attack at the speed that conditions the mission. He stung badly, four punches in the waist as he was always aware of everything going on around him. Although Taurus toured the entire ring of Alba de Tormes, Morante always wanted tools to do the job. He played the muletases with great courage, with a medium hand. An offensive for bullfighters and better bullfighter than Morante. Still less. Two punctures and a lunge got him a standing ovation from the public.

The second of his group was del Pilar. Always, as long as it’s not broken and out of use. The one from Puebla del Río did. He eagerly showed how to cover the flaws and make another impression of the bull. It’s a pleasure to see Morante live the moment. At the exit of the Muletazes, he decorated himself and threw the people into the basket. A lot of merit in the end. Lying move. two ears.

Daniel Luque fought the worst party. Third in the fighting order, a very lifeless copy of Pilar, with a fixed and broken attack. As always, he showed off all the meat on the grill by putting it in a bottomless bull.

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