Morante managed to reach 100 bullfighting celebrations in one year

Morante managed to reach 100 bullfighting celebrations in one year

The 2022 bullfighting season is about to close in Europe and move to America, and there is a prominent name among the bullfighters featured in this campaign: José Antonio Morante Camacho, Moorish from La Puebla. The right-back from La Puebla del Río (Seville) will weave his 100th paseoíllo in the town of Ávila on Saturday, October 22nd. San Pedro Sands. Last year in this town they gave him a trophy in the shape of one on the track that touched fifty celebrations, 49.

Morante’s goal in the season celebrating his silver anniversary as a bullfighter was to break the psychological barrier. 100 celebratory bullfights in one year What many bullfighters have failed to do in the history of bullfighting, and since then David Fandila fandi No bullfighter has accomplished this with 111 in 2008. This 2022 Morante broke all records of the past five years and is well ahead of the second, Peruvian star. Andres Roca Reyand enter the elite club of age-old bullfighters.

Moreover, the cigar maker was one of the right-handers of the year, having competed in all premier bullfights in Spain (Valencia, Sevilla, Madrid, Córdoba, Malaga, Pamplona, ​​San Sebastián). , Bilbao and Zaragoza) and one of the main attractions of the season’s fairs in almost all the second category. it happened hero of the three most important evenings Summary of the bullfighting calendar: Easter Sunday in Seville, Charity in Madrid and Goyesca in Ronda. He also left several anthological posts at La Maestranza, both at the April Fair and San Miguel, and at the San Isidro Fair, where he brushed the Puerta Grande de Las Ventas.

Arenas de San Pedro will share the poster just emilyChaining victories since returning to the ring after the serious capture at Las Ventas and Angel Tellez, winner of San Isidro 2022, against cattle from El Pilar and Victoriano del Río. You can also see the youthful promise of bullfighting. Mark PerezA young 15-year-old bullfighter will fight with a helm in practice class, as he did at the 12-O Festival in Seville, cut off his tail and emerge on his shoulders from Puerta del Príncipe. Pablo Aguado and Alfonso Cadaval, who will put the finishing touches on the centennial season in the town of Cadiz on Saturday, 29 October, in Ubrique, could fall from the poster after suffering a neck injury while fighting on the field last Tuesday and are with him. Bulls from Carlos Nunez. Andalusian regional television Canal Sur announced that it will broadcast this celebration openly.

century-old bullfighters

There aren’t many bullfighters in the history of bullfights who have managed to beat 100 bullfights in a single season. A In the last third of the 19th century, when the railroad allowed bullfighters to move more quickly between different cities, Cordovan was right-handed. Rafael Guerra ‘Gerrita’ the first plans the seasons traveling by this means of transport. came to fight 84 in 1888 It was fought in three cities (San Fernando, Jerez and Seville) on the same day on May 19, 1895.

Already in the second decade of the 20th century, the first century-old bullfighter appeared, Rooster JoselitoThe mirror in which Morante de La Puebla, who surpassed 100 bullfights with 102 in the 1915 season, looks at himself. Gallito also surpassed a hundred celebrations in 1916, 1917, and 1918. This milestone brought him to 104 in the 1916 season. The second century-old bullfighter was his rival and friend. John Belmonte He did 109 bullfights in 1918.

[Until1945nobullfightercouldreach100bullfightersinthesameseasonOilMexicanbullfighter[1945yılınakadarhiçbirboğagüreşçisiaynısezonda100boğagüreşineulaşamadıOyılMeksikalıboğagüreşçisiCarlos Arruza, In full competition with Manolete, it added 108 celebrations. Belmonte’s track record was still intact. Three years later in 1948 Luis Miguel Dominguin It exceeded 100 festivities, and it wasn’t until 1965. Manuel Benitez El Cordobes When you surpass Triana’s genius. That year, the bullfighter from Palma del Río made 111 paseo. Benitez has returned twice to add more than 100 bullfights. With 109 in 1967 and in 1979 when V Califa set a record of 121 bullfights in one year. In 1968 another bullfighter joined the centennial club, Miguel Marquez with 101.

Until 1987, no bullfighter had surpassed one hundred bullfights. The person who took it that year Juan Antonio Ruiz Spartacus This led the bullfighting rankings for nearly the entire decade of the ’80s, reaching 107 in 1990. In the following decade, with the exception of 1991, 100 bullfights were exceeded each year, but by different bullfighters. Henry Ponce He did it eight times in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001.

In 1995 all possible records were broken and Ponce achieved the record 120. However, it was the record that surpassed all the numbers and figures of Manuel Benitez. Jesulin of Ubrique. The man from Cádiz had accomplished this in 1994 and led the standings with 133 celebrations, but the following year he still hit an unbeaten figure: 161 bullfights. In those years, two more bullfighters joined the centennial club: Miguel Baez ‘Litri’ (133) and Manuel Diaz ‘El Cordobes’ (126). Jesulín returned at 100 in 1996, and Manuel Díaz at 96 and 98.

in 1999 Julian Lopez El Juli It reached 132 and crossed 100 again in 2000 and 2002. In 2001 Juan Serrano achieved this Finito de CordobaIn 2002, it again exceeded one hundred celebrations. Cesar Jimenez He joined the centennial club in 2004 and joined David Fandila El Fandi the following year, again exceeding one hundred celebrations in 2006 and 2008. The last person to join the club will be Morante de La Puebla this Saturday.

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