Morante Sevilla 2022 |  god of bullfighting

Morante Sevilla 2022 | god of bullfighting

Saturday morning at four o’clock at the bullfighter’s house Martin Pareja Obregonwhile we listen Flemish born of delicate sounds missing for hours tobacco Y alcoholThere were no further questions:morant I would cut off the tail of the fourth bull Seville? Remembering him at that hour was like calling out a secular saint directly. Damn sword! And in any case, we will never know what might have happened. However, we were fully aware that we were only producing a partially corresponding narrative action. ominous atmosphere that haunted us in the afternoon.

But indeed, if the genius of Puebla del Río managed to bury the steel, the rarely seen Maestranza would want it. ‘Cause it wasn’t just another mission morant inside Seville. It was his life’s work. Solid, massive and nothing artificial. The most determined came to unashamedly approve of the bullfight Henry Pena in full vigil with his brother-in-law, Pareja-Obregon, that night: “The only bullfighter I threw my hat on. And it was this afternoon. We hugged each other when he gave it to me,” said the Huelvan bullfighter.

It seemed necessary to retell the imaginary experience in the world in order to be believed. Square. A story where we try to provide relevant faces and gestures to embody without deconstructing magical powers of the morant in our psychic field. Angela friend collegeWhen she saw him fighting, she rubbed her eyes: “I didn’t want it to end,” she said. victorAnother beautiful friend of mine sitting next to me couldn’t get over the tension of her experiences until she went to bed hours later.

why see bullfighting morant is to understand the dazzling adventure of the poetic creation of the miracle of the bullfight. Because bullfighting is a real miracle. Both in his privileged birth and in his direct experience in society Square. because morant The happy idea of ​​preserving or restoring the traditional bullfight made one feel that he had truly found the mission where he could stay and live.

In this role, his transformation as a bullfighter was based on his extreme ambition, he was released and gradually grew up thanks to his calm courage and calm courage. precise information about the animal’s conditionswith invalid behavior in the first third.

Morante during the fourth mission average bull

He had completely forgotten about the body to fight the spirit. He made it clear that bullfighting is a unique, one-of-a-kind spectacle when the emotion is over the muscle.. It seems that the adjective dreamlike is misused to describe phenomena that escape the ordinary concept of reality. But morant seems to be fighting inside garden of pleasures because as with everything BoschIt looks unreal, completely dreamlike.

At its core was the creative passion of the mission. Julio Aparicio with “Cañego” by Stirrup inside Madrid 1994 year. And the value shock produced Caesar Rincon In front of “Bastonito” Baltasar Iban in Las Ventas in 1991.

morant he made the suspension of time, thanks to the anger that reflected so deeply on his crutches. Slow, long and deep, he took the push with a small tie. But it didn’t matter. The magic of genius developed the virtues of the bull and brought together a paradigm of his life path as a bullfighter. Does anyone have the ability to imagine magnificent and extravagant worlds like this?

Sculptural work of bullfighting for Veronicaall his personal expressionism is already mad when he is doomed to the abyss of his creation. Seville in his first bull. There, the group weaver master music will play. Verónicas look like greguerías.

After leaving the square, a heartfelt procession of the Virgen del Rosario, emotionally dejected, toured the outskirts of the Baratillo arena on their way to his church. Silence burned the cobblestones of the streets. But the person who really needs to process them is, moranta man who became definitively a god that same afternoon Bullfighting.

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