More bullfighters than atmosphere, more bullfighters than stars

More bullfighters than atmosphere, more bullfighters than stars

He fought well, sometimes very well. Luque’s lovely sets of indomitable plants and Luque’s graceful disinterest in the former took me back to a time when the cloak was a subject of attention, they were an example of this; there was more, after a bullfight of I want and want and not satisfied, Marín’s moves were another example of the threats of the sixth day – evenings like this should certainly strengthen him – or the strong naturals, with low hands and a very long distance from Perera to the first; and Patilla’s punch to fifth and Viotti’s doubles to sixth… These lines are a summary of the best of yesterday afternoon in Valencia. From another point of view, there was more bullfights than atmosphere, more bullfighters than stars. And when looks are so important, I know it’s not a good combination.

Three seasoned bullfighters of yesterday, that was obvious. Perera, Luque and Marín stood firmly and professionally on a bullfight in Algarra, where more was expected, in commemoration of their last major success in this arena. The group lacked the seeds of Juanpedros’ best times, the spark that brought about the return of the slogan placed at the top by the Seville gentleman named Don Luis. Yesterday was certainly not impossible or absolutely bold, and this lack of definition was conditioned by the afternoon. We must insist on this and the lack of atmosphere. The fans were there and I don’t know if they were all there and the public was lost, as much as they would like to ignore it, bullfighting in sin carries redemption, in these times more needed than ever. A half full plaza would be better.

As we began, a soothing breeze made the hardships of this scorching and broken July more bearable. Perera saw them at first with a serious and distracted bull, soon found the good hiding in the left python, and long and deep bullfights ensued on that side. Bullfight command and command, where the Algarra surrendered and surrendered their weapons. It didn’t last long but it was enough to see the best of Extremadura. On the right, the bull was aware and disinterested and not the same. A puncture in the old Perera style and then a move from the revamped Perera kept things waiting for a better opportunity. The second, big and rough, unclassy and careless, attacked, rushed instead of attacking, and it is already known what cannot happen in such a situation.

Luque first saw them with a deep bull meet, which he took with the sets I opened this chronicle. Naked sets, feet together, hands down, condescending gesture, come in I don’t even move, one, two, three… and so on until your vehicle to say goodbye to first date with silky and tailored stockings, you stay here. Repeated Capotera proficiency on the lift, this time with the open compass and the same register. The Algarra began to hover over the banderillas, and in its final third the proportion of kindness and courage gave way to extreme indifference. Too much Luque for that bull. The beginning of the fifth job was bullfighting. Under. Boss. Beautiful. It’s left behind. Virtues bullfighting together, what else? Then he sought the turns, won the will and the territory, and in the void of a brick, far above, so close, a tribute to Dámaso was danced, pendulum, inverted circular, abuse… as a final touch he forced luquecines before. You see and you tell yourself that this is easy and it isn’t, how easy it will be. This Luque is having his fullness and one day he will explode to be both a star and a great bullfighter.

Third apparent desires since appearing so Marín, who was on his way to becoming a star, hooked him up in the media and prevailed over the beats of Concha Flamenca. He fought from the right and from below, even bullfighting a ball that won the will of the public and fans. Estoconazo lived up to his reputation as an ace of spades. Old people said it broke his spirit in these situations, that’s it. He even stole it.

The sixth chestnut was applauded as soon as his serious fatness was revealed. Marin’s shots had rhythm and the averages were high. Algarra was not easy at all, in reality it cost a Potosi to endure his threats, and he endured it. It’s a matter of merit. A row on the right was at the top. Reward for effort. The turning point that got everyone in agreement and even stole the two cartel naturals. And again he killed it with style, which is no small thing in times when simple and sometimes advantageous efficiency reigns. That said, there’s more content from the continent at launch.

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