"My dream is to fight in the Maestranza"

“My dream is to fight in the Maestranza”

in the center Pamplona Monument, Nebil Essaouari Look at the man lying with his cloak in his hand. ‘Moor’ She’s 20 years old and has a planty, broad shoulders and thin waist. He imagines a red and gold suit, a Jandilla, and a flying rag. In the fight, he looks like a bullfighter in fights and with crutches, performer and sovereign. First and foremost, stop, rage and send it off with a good gaonera, as if the fight had gone to rags.

make war,
just like loving
you have to stop, warm up and send.

Novillero gets shy when he puts down the tools. He doesn’t like to talk too much. Unlike fighting, questions are sent in short passes. In Albero, on the other hand, he likes the “purity, naturalness and depth of muletazone”.

He knows that his name adds an exotic flair to bullfights, that he is ‘mirás clavás’ in everything he does. Press the ‘El Moro’ ring. It doesn’t bother him. where is his father from Morocco and her mother Olivenza (Extremadura). “I have dual citizenship. Moroccan blood runs through my veins, but I was born in Pamplona.”

Nabil wears his nickname behind his cloak: 'El Moro'

Nabil wears his nickname behind his cloak: ‘El Moro’

Paul Lasaosa

He also has bullfighting in his veins. His grandparents worked on the bull farms in Olivenza and was dazzled by the bulls when he visited them. The boy’s passion forced his grandmother to weave her own cloak for him. “This was the first thing I ever owned. We always saw bullfights on TV,” she admits.

tradition and religion

Monumental de Pamplona has different nooks and crannies to visit before their big day. San Fermin. Puerta de Cuadrillas is one of them. In addition to the arena, it gives access to a place where most of the magical moments before the fight take place. To the left of this corridor, at the end of a door, appears the chapel, a place where many have asked San Fermin to lend them their cloak.

[La jubilación de oro del cabestro Ronaldo, el enemigo de corredores ‘suicidas’ en San Fermín]

For this report, Nabil enters through the same door. However, he does not enter the church. Bullfighters are generally people of faith, but in this case the novillero does not probe the ins and outs of religion. This is a common feature of the next generation of murderers, far from skepticism, and it’s not just something that happens to him.

I live between two religions—Muslim and Catholic—but I am not a very practical person.. I respect him, I understand, but no…” is revealed when he is offered to photograph her in front of a painting of San Fermín in the Chapel.

Nabil is leaving Plaza de Pamplona.

Nabil is leaving Plaza de Pamplona.

Paul Lasaosa

It does not fit the superstitions of classic bullfighters. “Most people have hobbies, but I don’t have a particular ritual. Sometimes if things go well for you, you do the same thing again. Bullfighters are very rare. But I’m not a maniac.”

He’s talking about his nickname. “‘El Moro’, yes, came out when I started school with Manolo Reyes. He told me as we were leaving. to buy the first coat: “Hey, you must have a nickname or something. ‘El Morito’ or ‘El Moro’ still gets more attention because there aren’t many Moroccan bullfighters at the end.”

Morocco is not very prone to bullfighting. Celebrations were banned in 1956, and the Tangier Arena, surrounded by mosques, became a refuge for several families.

The maximum relationship African land can have with the world of bullfighting are some bullfighting bars located in Casablanca. “Actually, I know a boy in Morocco who just loves bullfights. He’s from Casablanca and he loves it here. He trains every day, reads a lot, sees a lot of bullfighting… He wants to come. Spain and we text each other from time to time.”


“I promised my father when I died that I would never be afraid again. But I am afraid. I am afraid of death. I am a coward.” belonging to these sentences Raphael de Paula. He spoke for them in an interview chronicHere he also stated that he is the best bullfighter in history.

And fear is an innate human trait. His relatives were the first to know. Nabil could have been a football player, but like José Tomás, he preferred the cape to the ball.

Nobody could believe it. “Yeah, they got scared when I told them. Being a bullfighter is very difficult, not just for me but for them as well. You put yourself at the helm… It’s complicated.” “They told me I was crazy…” she says.

Nabil fights the bullfight at the bullfighting arena in Pamplona.

Nabil fights the bullfight at the bullfighting arena in Pamplona.

Paul Lasaosa

He admits that he was not afraid when he first encountered an animal. “At first I was small and didn’t realize it all that much. Then when you see that he’s serious, that you have an eral in front of you, a helm that weighs almost 400 pounds… That’s where things change.”

It is time that makes everything more complicated. The days passed, he adds to the experience gained and the boy who put rags on the calves now fights the helmsmen. His manager, Javier Munárriz, is a businessman from Navarra who helps novillero in any way he can. Nabil Essaouari set foot in Andalusia, Extremaduran, Basque and Navarra squares. He even took part in celebrations organized by famous right-wingers such as Morante de la Puebla.

His last job was there Trucios (Vizcaya)organized by Bilbao Bullfighting School. On a good day with the bulls Nek Romerocompared to livestock José Cruz Iribarren‘El Moro’ cut off one ear and rubbed against the front door. The only thing keeping him away from her was a bold and well-stitched hole in front of the second rudder, which eventually turned around the ring.

a trade

Seeing wild cattle freely was the beginning. The next step will be to learn how to use farm tools. Kapote, crutch, sword… Everything is on time. Rather, each passes in the third.

[Morante, Roca Rey y Román, cartel estelar de la Feria de Julio en Valencia, con toros de Victoriano]

He was 16 years old when he enrolled in the Pamplona Bullfighting School. There he made his first veronica, his first chest pass. from his hand Manolo Reyes He learned to use rags and iron. First in the room with the other children; then in the ring near the calves.

As his generation squints at the party, he faces the cornering of an increasingly sinister bullfight among the youth. “The truth is, I never had an argument with anyone. They respected me and they respected me. They never changed the way they were with me because I want to be a bullfighter. I may not like what they’re doing, but I don’t say anything to them either.”

Nabil is bullfighting in the ring in the hall.

Nabil is bullfighting in the ring in the hall.

Paul Lasaosa

In addition, a 20-year-old young man speaks from the north of Spain, where the festivities are not at their best. But also brave to move forward. “It is not very common for bullfighters or bullfighters to appear in this area, for example Madrid, Andalusia, Salamanca… But when you have fans and you want to be something, you have to move forward, it’s like someone who likes other things.”

He knows that it will be difficult to give himself to the bullfights, but he does not stop attacking. He just finished his livestock training. He loves the countryside and animals, and even the plague couldn’t stop him. When he couldn’t do it on the field, he came to train in the garage at home. He has the courage of a bullfighter. “There are many who have tried, but if one succeeds, why not try it. We will give it all, down to the physique, the fans, and as long as you can support yourself”.

everything affects

Like all arts, bullfighting is temporary. Artists show wood, veronica sock or apron in a simple pass. However, like anything in life, it takes sacrifices to keep San Fermin from having to give you too many capes.

Nabil makes it clear that he has no training routine. He fights a lot in the hallway and before animals whenever possible. “You have to practice a lot to dedicate yourself to it,” she admits.

Nabil with sword and cloak.

Nabil with sword and cloak.

Paul Lasaosa

Less emphasis is placed on physical appearance. He is young, correct and genetically good. At first glance, his strong lower body and athletic tall torso stand out. “The physics I do is run when the time is right and racquetball, It is the sport of bullfighters. The movements of this sport are quick reactions, running backwards, squatting…” says Nabil.

‘El Moro’ knows he can’t have a sculptural and well-groomed body in the gym. You should leave behind the sports that are primarily muscle gain. “You can’t be too muscular, the idea is you’re agile,” he adds.

Likewise, he does not overeat, although it is true that he spoils his diet more in the winter. “It’s harder to run when it rains, so you have to pamper everything a little more.”


During the photo shoot of this news, Nabil Estafeta street. Before it’s time to celebrate the run of the bulls, this emblem of the festivities could be one more street in the historic center of the city. But when Nabil poses, she differs. Passers-by congratulate him. “Cheer up teacher, good luck,” a man says while extending his hand.

Nabil poses on Estafeta street.

Nabil poses on Estafeta street.

Paul Lasaosa

They ask him if he will be in the Pamplona ring. July 7-14, as the San Fermin festivities return to the Bull Fair. Not right now, Nabil explains. There are still a few bullfights before choosing the alternative.

Where he will be will be in the stands of Pamplona: he already has a season ticket. “The bulls are good to watch, even bad bullfights. You learn and see what they do with the good and bad bulls. How they position themselves, their passes, the touch… You say you turned upside down because he did it to him or the other”. He also jokes about the importance of paying Channel + Bulls. It is fixed on the wrists and arms of teachers.

Bullfighting literature is also important. He has an amazing biography now. Chávez Nogales About one of the bullfighting masters: ‘Juan Belmonte, the bullfighter: his life and adventures’.

‘El Moro’ wants to be a bullfighter. It is clear on his shoulders which big door he wants to exit. “I want to debut in Maestranza. Also, of course, in Pamplona, ​​Las Ventas… But I really love Sevilla and the atmosphere inhaled, especially silence, respect and tradition”.

Currently, Nabil Essaouari ‘El Moro’ occupies the center of the Monumental de Pamplona, ​​before the watchful eyes of three visitors, stunned by the young man’s hoodies. They photograph him from afar, like those seeing a future bullfighting figure; as he loves himself and imagines his future, he shakes his whole body like a wicker basket, watching a burel pass by.

Pamplona arena celebrates its 100th anniversary

Pamplona arena celebrates its 100th anniversary

Paul Lasaosa

When you instantly capote
Veronica paints in a sprint
the bull in the ring,
looks like maestranza
a dance academy
or a farmhouse in Jerez.

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