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Pablo Aguado stripped naked and confirmed that he had returned as De Justo left

Morante de la Puebla, Emilio de Justo and Pablo Aguado On the afternoon of August 22, in the third episode of the San Julián de Cuenca Fair, they knit the paseo to face a Santa Colomeño bull run in Rehuelga.

Morante shortens it with a first with no history

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“Suareño” was the name of the first of Rehuelga, which Morante took in the third, and he tested it before he could reach Veronica. After Aurelio Cruz’s punch, Lili took care of him in the fight, trying to take him long and low, and Trujillo and Araujo matched his solvency with sticks. It began to move, glued to the boards, in front of an animal protesting if they blow up the planes. Since Santa Coloma was so short on the journey, he wanted to fight it for the right, giving them one at a time. Turning to the left, he was surprised when he offered the crutch to nature, beating him with no apparent results. He hacked it and went to the sword. After two holes he stripped the animal and had to resort to verduguillo.

Emilio de Justo blinds “Lumbrero”, a brilliant second coming back to the ring from Rehuelga

Fair (1)

With the latter, veronica handed Emilio de Justo and drew three bullpup sets for the right python in the capotero salute. Two good punches from Juan Bernal to an animal he pressed against his breastplate. The bull saw the virtues of Pablo Aguado and wanted to leave his mark by signing a lift with aprons that he finished with a sock in the middle of the ring. Emilio de Justo responded for the unassuming chicuelinas he claimed Santa Coloma. He effectively matched the gang to leave the man from Extremadura alone with the man from Rehuelga. He doubled down to get the mission started, did everything in favor of the animal to clear paths for him, and then began to fight for the right of an animal chasing flights from below, home which is the attack type. sign. The guy from Extremadura was able to connect the three rounds on the right to the sounds of Concha Flamenca at will, and also by prescribing very suitable naturals, he forced it and took it all the way to the end. Putting the feet together was the finishing touch the mission deserved, and it preceded a big move where the bull rolled without lace.

Pablo Aguado, the third, details of expensive bullfights without swords

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Pablo Aguado stole four very temperate verónicas from the third of Rehuelga as he gently made the flights, with his chin resting on his chest and, in that relaunch, he rode on the horse and stepped on Mario Benítez’s breastplate, and he stood up and received a big round of applause. The one from Rehuelga fell short on Iván García’s cloak. Pablo Aguado started working for flannel, very bullfighter, left the media with the gross. She touched it too softly to try to carry it on her hips, although she had to lose her pace at the end of each crutch as the animal had no tip and her face was halfway up. Sevillian tried short runs at mid-height in a task she didn’t finish breaking. After being pierced, she killed him with a half-thrust and greeted him with a round of applause. The bull gave it to Emilio de Justo.

Morante takes advantage of the fifteen muletas the room has and cuts off one of his ears.

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Nor could Morante yawn with the weak room, the least solemnity of the celebration. Cristóbal Cruz hit him with a horse and left the animal with very limited strength. They nailed Lili and Araujo with the exhibit before Morante began his work. The cigarette opened the curtain in front of an animal that needed to be looked after and wanted to escape the fight. Shoes nailed to albero, toughened muletas, and decked out in house-brand pinwheels, suggested three good runs for the right. The beast collapsed, bored at the epilogue of the mission that had Morante adorned himself below and searched for steel. He closed the curtain high and made a sufficiently dropped lunge.

Emilio de Justo is right with the impossible fifth

Emilio DeJusto (1)

Emilio de Justo clearly didn’t see it in the capote receipt with the serious fifth who didn’t really fight on horseback. Manuel Gómez and José Manuel Pérez effectively paired up with an animal that didn’t want to advance in Morenito de Arles’ cloak. Emilio de Justo wanted to double down on the task for a ragged animal that Extremaduran had to endure pauses, and this sealed more than a serious performance with a bull that was impossible to flaunt. Failed to pass Santa Coloma, De Justo had to resort to bullfighting on his feet before successfully going to the sword. He made enough of a falling move.

Pablo Aguado glorifies natural bullfighting and ignores round six

Aguado Two Ears (1)

From below, Pablo Aguado fought on the receipt of the sixth “Callejón” of Rehuelga, who took a long blow to the horse. The third, where Iván García especially shines with two great couples, has already demonstrated the virtue of great constancy in banderillas. After a toast to the public, Sevillian doubled down on the start, and the Santa Coloma rerun and the quick reveal of his engine were something to watch out for, as he blamed the punch he had taken on his horse. However, the repetition allowed Pablo to stay in place to take the flight with great smoothness, his chest forward and the back of his hip on the first runs from the right, but they did not find the echo they deserved in the layout. . The natural animal was also tall, a python that Pablo Aguado had finished exposing the buried bullring, presided over with perfect softness, and adorned with low throws and shifts that lavish bullfights. Pablo Aguado continued to love him, fighting at will with Rehuelga’s big bull whose only flaw was that he couldn’t push too hard from below. Sevillian naturally continued to love herself by wetting the bull and draining the muletazo on a mission where bullfighting was elevated. When he went to steel, the demand for pardon intensified and the man from Seville continued to fight, getting drunk in bullfights with natural runs, finishing with big chest passes. He went to kill after two warnings were heard and buried the steel in the second.


Bullfighting Basin. The third of the San Julián Fair. Bullfighting. More than three quarters full.

bulls to mix up. The first, without rhythm and incapable of traveling; attacked with quality, chasing fabrics with constancy and humiliation, in the second “Lumbrero” encastle that won the return to the ring award; The noble third person who held up his face halfway up and had no end was devoid of emotion; the weaker fourth snuggled excessively and eventually blamed him on crutches; The impossible was the fifth solved; Outstanding, featuring repetition, rhythm, and humiliation, he finished sixth, seeking forgiveness and winning two laps around the ring.

Moor from Puebla, silence and ear

Just Emile, two ears and clap.

Paul Aguado applause and two ears after two warnings.

EVENTS: After the paseo greeting fellow travelers, the line opened to greet Emilio de Justo.


wretched in this link or in the image below to access the celebration’s photo gallery.

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