6 Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza Guiño Bilbao (1)

Pablo retains his crown as Botxo king despite good performances by Lea and Guillermo

started Aste Nagusia Bilbao and its general conditions with the celebrations of rejones as has been customary for decades and certainly a common poster to deal with bullfighting in recent years. Fermin Bohorquez: both the beauty of Mendoza side by side in paseo Lea Vicens.

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza cuts off the first one’s ear by a third using a horse

12 Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza Banderilla
A moment from Pablo Hermoso’s performance at the plaza opener – © funny boy

Three horses were enough for Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza to cut off one of the ears of the first: Licorice, where he placed two starting spears; Talento, where he beats and drives banderillas to place four sticks; and Justiciero, which he uses to release a short carousel and an effective rejonazo. He excelled in Talent while executing his Hermosinas, letting the animal get a lot and tempering the rides.

The final rematch frustrates Lea’s award for a job well done to the runner-up.

8 Lea Vicens Movement (1)
Lea Vicens behind Betic – © funny boy

Academic and elegant, Lea Vicens showed herself on the back of the guitar and with this guitar she dropped two rejoins to a bull to leave her tempered without being too demanding. Because the main course was on Bético’s back, which he furiously rode in four banderillas that were better exposed to the embrox. When the last rejón insisted on failing twice, quietly leaving a good job by the Frenchwoman, the driver who had already taken the prize in esportón after cuts managed to reach the line.

Steel receives a bullfighting artwork on horseback by Guillermo in the third.

10 Guillermo Hermoso De Mendoza Greetings (1)
Guillermo Hermoso greets the line up to the third row in an hour of work – © funny boy

His performance with the third, an animal that Guillermo initially wanted to leave so raw and placed only a spear on Jíbaro, was simply outstanding. He started the third of the Banderillas with Berlin, always deftly smoothing the passes. Two breakouts with Ecuador set the atmosphere up for the final third, but after a few punctures with Essential, he had to get the essence and his reward options were lost there. applause.

A solid Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza seals a job by word of mouth with the fourth

13 Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza Tour (1)
Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza returns to the ring after fourth – © funny boy

Licorice went out again to pick up a fourth with Pablo, an animal that had sparks and left two rejones before replacing the third. However, Ágora was chosen to place the first two banderillas, always with experience and knowing how to be, with the touch of the master and the precise rejón this time working perfectly to walk his second ear in the afternoon.

Listen to Lea Vicens class with the fifth

Lea Vicens, her severed ear happily walked into fifth – © funny boy

Fifth, he was not an easy bull as he wanted to snatch the ground too soon. With the mare Cleopatra she placed her only starting rejoinder and achieved a very good level with the elastic Diluvio, which brought the task to very bright levels, and also with its echo in the Botxo upholstery. He was able to make two rounds with the bull clinging to the stirrup before removing Diamante to finish third. An effective rejonazo was enough to walk an ear.

The docile sixth hat keeps Guillermo from getting past the applause at the final act

17 Guillermo Hermoso De Mendoza Applause 1
Guillermo salutes the applause paid by the sixth-row tile – © funny boy

The sixth of Fermin Bohórquez was returned by the president and was replaced by another bull of the same iron, which turned out to be a docile bull fleeing from Guillermo and Martincho, making it difficult for him to place the two rejoins. Much of the quest was accomplished with Disparate and with great brilliance in revealing emotion with an emotionless bull. He closed the third with Ilusión to reach the line even stronger, leaving three shorts on a coin on the back of the Corsario, which he pierced once before the final rejonazo.


Vista Alegre arena, Bilbao. General Bullfights: First subscription. He rejoins the celebration. Half entrance to the stands.

bulls Fermin Bohorquez, according to rejones regulations. The sixth was returned.

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza: ear and ear

Read Vicens: silence and ear

William Hermoso de Mendoza: applause and applause.


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