Pilar Fair continues with nine festivities and a single "no ticket" sign

Pilar Fair continues with nine festivities and a single “no ticket” sign

Now yes. The bulls don’t stop from here until Sunday 16. After the foreword of the first weekend, where the young novillero Fran Fernando was victoriousThe Pilar Fair continues on a continuous loop this Saturday for nine afternoons.

Mercy encounters the festive atmosphere of these dates again. It’s been three years since fans went to the plaza with cachirulos tied around their necks and groceries in their garganchón. especially, He was about to get Mariano de la Viña since October 13, 2019.

A lot has happened since then. Bullfighter Enrique Ponce has left. talavant went back. And along with Morante de la Puebla, this is the only maximum figure disclosed in the Column of absenteeism and possession.patience“With the firm.

Carlos Zúñiga asked participants to present some posters compared to 2019. José Maria Manzanares –Two afternoons went from coming to not coming at all–, July – has a bad relationship with the house that took it – or Daniel Luke Now that he’s broken up with Carlos Zúñiga Jr. and his phobias are set aside, he may be in for a substitution.

Luke is here to see her. And also the missing ones, for example Pablo Aguado, Emilio de Justo, Juan Ortega, Tomás Rufo and Andrés Roca ReyThe champion of any fair is trained this Saturday with a first-class rank.

The businessman justified Peruvian emptiness in his intention to fight in Madrid (October 12) and then go to America, but his lack of power was evident by the gaps left by other less prestigious right-handers. Paco Urena.

Against this, yes they will be Diego UrdialesOn Friday the 14th, they will compete with Morante and Talavante on the “no ticket” banner, Antonio Ferrera, el Fandi, Cayetano Rivera, Ginés Marín or Ángel Téllez.

Moreover, this Pilar takes back the burden of the press after five years (October 12, David Galván, Juan Leal and José Garrido face a historic afternoon for the anchor of Los Maños); and also includes bullfighting competitionThat Fernando Robleño, Jiménez Fortes and Imanol Sánchez of Aragon will fight tomorrow with replicas of Concha y Sierra, Juan Luis Fraile, Guardiola Fantoni, López Gibaja, Hermanos Sánchez Herrero and Quintas.

Earlier, today (17.30) the fair brings the third of four bullfights: Santana Claros, Diego García and Álvaro Alarcón face off against six bulls from López Gibaja, a farm that swayed in Las Ventas as the Valdellán patch last Thursday, which saw how its two animals were returned to corrals.

In this bullfight, Jorge Martínez emphasized exactly that:. Announced on Monday in Pilar’s final bullfight alongside Poley and Víctor Hernández from Zaragoza, Totana (Murcia) has caught on to the good bullfighting sense and has driven Madrid inherently insane. It’s another of the biggest lures of bullfights that will bring together a cycle that will start again this Saturday and end on Sunday the 16th. Rui Fernandes, Diego Ventura, currently the main representative of treo on horseback, and Mario Pérez Langa from Bilbao.

This Sunday the heifers start

There will still be no heifers at La Misericordia this Saturday. The first session will take place tomorrow with Hermanos Ozcoz as the chosen animal. to start the series of eight nonstop mornings.

Starting at eight o’clock on Monday, the 10th, it will be Eulogio Mateo’s turn; On Tuesday, 11 Rafael Alarcón and Raúl Izquierdo will share a session; On Wednesday, the 12th, the big day of the festivities, the main character will be Fernando Machancoses; Thursday the 13th will be cows from Iván López and El Ruiseñor; Friday the 14th, Juan José Laparte; Saturday, 15th José Luis Cuartero; and Sunday 16, Santos Zapatería.

Meanwhile, the Zaragoza bullring will host the Spanish championship for ring pruners (starting at 11:30 on Sunday, October 9th); Spanish layout and bullfighting championship (11 Tuesday, 23:00); Spanish Goya Bullfighting Championship (12 Wednesday, 11:30); embolador contest and Arriazu with disabilities special (Friday 14, 11 p.m.); the national competition of ribbon trimmers (Saturday 15 at 11.30); the cutting competition with the fire bulls (Saturday 15th, 11:00 pm) and the bullfighting meeting that will close the popular festivities section in Zaragoza on Sunday 16.

It should not be forgotten that the Plaza de La Misericordia, which is considered the capital of such demonstrations and fills up to witness them, You can’t enjoy them since the 2019 Pilar festivities.

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