Pla Ventura explains: If you're a bullfighter...

Pla Ventura explains: If you’re a bullfighter…

If you’re a bullfighter, you’ll be in bullfighting history for a while, but if you’re “lucky” to be killed by a bull, you’ll be a part of history, but forever. Let’s take Manolete, one of the elders, or that twenties-something Joselito as an example. We have now completed seventy-five years of his former death and to this day he is commemorated on 28 August every year in Linares. The same can be applied to Joselito, a hundred years later the idol is still alive, let’s ask Domingo Delgado de la Cámara, who wrote a nice uchrony about the right-handed person in question.

As dramatic as the maxim I quoted is to stay immortal forever when a bull kills a bullfighter, if we analyze the feelings of all bullfighters, everyone would like to die under the horns of a bull. It is no one’s desire, but in the case of bullfighters, what could be better than to do it in practice and full of glory, knowing that we all must give our souls to God. Does anyone remember the death of Marcial Lalanda, Domingo Ortega, Cagancho, Luis Miguel Dominguín, even Juan Belmonte, who committed suicide when he realized that his life had no meaning? I called those involved bullfighters or matadors, but they all left without the slightest trace, or worse, everlasting memory.

If you want to go down in history, you have no choice but to die in the arena, because it’s an event so relevant that once a bullfighter achieves minimal artistic glory, that tragic event makes it legendary. This is the case of Manolo Granero, who was killed at just twenty years old in Madrid by a figure who had been fighting a bullfight for a year, and a historian like José a hundred years later, among others. Luis Cantos Torres immortalized him again, because any doubt remained.

We will all remember Paquirri in his goring leading up to his death in Pozoblanco, during which his life and work are commemorated in a delicious book. It’s the same thing that happened to José Cubero Yiyo, who was killed forever by a bull in the Plaza de Colmenar Viejo as a young boy. The immortalized book is included. Will we ever forget Iván Fandiño? definitely not. Let’s note that among the many others who shared the poster with Fandiño is David Mora, full of life, who did not invite him for a single celebration.

If we approach the lake and cross the road to go to Mexico, he is neither more nor less than the most symbolic right-handed Eloy Cavazos of the last fifty years, may Allah live many more years, but when he dies, no one should die. will remember him, the opposite of what happened to Rodolfo Rodriguez El Pana, who didn’t reach stardom because of his genius and died from the horns of a bull, is commemorated every day in Mexico, even in Spain, welcoming him like another Spaniard, of many other things. as well as the country that enjoyed the friendship and admiration of his friend, teacher Carlos Escolar Frascuelo, as he described himself.

Let’s remember that Juan Belmonte, the legendary figure of the bullfights of the twenties with Joselito, is remembered at this point in his life on only two very special occasions; First, because Manuel Chaves Nogales wrote the most beautiful book, remembered for the fact that Juan Belmonte is a biography, that is, he is a legend, he goes into the history of the legendary bullfight, and secondly, he would shoot himself to kill himself. To commit suicide as “God” commanded. Speaking of privileges, Ignacio Sánchez Mejías is another bullfighter who will forever be remembered for giving his life in the arena of Manzanares. As we have seen, only sudden death, the unexpected, exalts the bullfighters forever. Anyone remember Paco Camino? Noone. The master is still alive in the Arenas de San Pedro and Santiago Martín El Viti in Salamanca.

In the portrait of Benidel Yáñez Díaz, we see the charismatic Mexican bullfighter Rodolfo Rodríguez El Pana, who gave his soul to God after having brutal sex in Ciudad Lerdo.

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