Pla Ventura explains: Terror room

Pla Ventura explains: Terror room

Not everything has to be terrible in bullfighting because, as we have seen, there are anecdotes of bullfighters worth telling because first of all they are true and then, as we shall see, we shall understand the reality of the same ones. In this case, I’m talking about a fact whose protagonist is neither more nor less than the great Paco Ruíz Miguel, a bullfighter with his own legend, and who nevertheless continues to have incredible humor. He comes to show his greatness as a man who is always rich as a bullfighter.

Ruíz Miguel usually takes his friends to his home whenever his heart desires, something laudable of his blessed presence. In this regard, on one particular occasion, Paco bought several restaurants on his farm, which he wanted to host, and when they first set foot in his house, Ruíz Miguel told him.: “Now we will go to the terror room for coffee” And while listening to the teacher, he shuddered more than once. Of course, when entering the implied hall, everyone understood the metaphor, because it is filled with the heads of the most important bulls, from which the right-hander from San Fernando God triumphed in these bullfights.

That being said, it turns out to be, as I explained, a lovely anecdote of a singular man of his kind, but if we dig deeper, we’ll soon realize that the hall of terror is nothing more than a career-showing depiction to us. an admirable bullfighter, as I said once, who never descended from the podium that coincided with him, and as I mentioned at one time or another, he had reason to do so because his life, thank God and his tremendous effort, was resolved.

At present, if most flamboyant bullfighters cut off the heads of the bulls they are fighting and hang them in their own homes, the room in question should be called a joke room, because the bulls they fight are just that, pure. It’s nonsense, so they don’t have stuffed heads, just because they’d be embarrassed if they had to show it to their friends, a situation very different from that of Ruíz Miguel, which we can see among many other heads. Miura bull cutting its tail in Seville.

Ruíz Miguel, in terms of the time that has passed, what is being done now is told with disproportionate irony; While his achievements are certainly his own, he cares little, no one else’s, and few bullfighters can actually set such a record. His legend that he won is not wasted because it is not just one thing, but rather the feeling that he has fought over the many years that has shaped his career and legend against all the bulls. grasslands of the world. How many bullfighters of today, or even of the time, can wear an exhibit that is as valuable as it is commendable? I think any.

As I once said, bullfighting has changed dramatically since all bullfighters aspired from that moment to be figures to flee in horror from the bull that brought them such greatness; Sleeping ass is better, it doesn’t shed blood, kills himself with his hat, and although he has no memory left to forget, the important thing is, as always, the bullfighter risked his life, something that remains a metaphor to use today, but very little thing.

Cheers to Paco Ruíz Miguel and the terror room, as I said, nothing better than the tremendous reality of his worthy career, showing the truth of what his enemies are from his own home, never better Said because everyone, indiscriminately, tried to decapitate his right hand. Now, in today’s bullfights, if they saw the San Fernando bullfighter’s hall of terror, more than one person would collapse just thinking about it, and as we know, Paco Ruíz Miguel made it a reality. Congratulations teacher.

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