Roca Rey, anxiety about being a figure |  Culture

Roca Rey, anxiety about being a figure | Culture

You may more or less like the young Peruvian bullfighter, but you cannot deny his desire to rise to figure status. And in Madrid he made paseíllo with a firm conviction to give it all, to bring out the maximum, to take that decisive step that separates good bullfighters from those who seek to mark an era.

Roca Rey’s flaws are well known, but many of his traits that are responsible for occupying the first place in current bullfights should also be taken into account.

Armed with boundless courage, he arrived ready to break his logical schemes, forget the pesky wind, scrutinize his opponents’ plight, and stare at the big door… towards success.

If he kills the sixth bull well, there is no doubt that we will be talking about a big door today, perhaps arguable but well-founded.

Roca Rey showed up at Las Ventas to rise to the shoulders and found the wind an uncertain first bull, a very erratic and short run and an infamous crash on top of that.

She took the sixth with elegant verónicas and finished well with a sock; The animal obeyed unhurriedly on the horse and did not make the banderillero’s job any easier. But Roca Rey didn’t care what happened. He took the Montera and went to the media to celebrate the mission after an afternoon of suffocating boredom due to the uneven play of the Victoriano del Río bulls.

In the second row of the third row, he stood on his knees and waited there for a bull with a rear pass, three right hands and a chest pass already straightened vertically. The square crackled with excitement, partly because the bullfighter had surrendered and partly because it was the really exciting first pass of the celebration.

Roca Rey knew this was the road to victory. He lowered his right hand, forgot about the whirlwind, planted himself in the right place, and, taking advantage of his opponent’s attack, slowly crucified in two rounds, resembling the best version of the Peruvian bullfighter. So slow, dedicated, deep… because this bullfighter has hardly been seen. One lap marinated with a modified pass was natural and another long chest continued on the right track. The square was a real fuss at this point. There was no high-flying bullfight to justify it, but there was the temperament, the pride, the outburst, and the anger of a man determined to reach the top.

There were still two more rounds, the bull more subdued, the pythons in the bag and those who lay on their feet, lifted to their shoulders in their right illusion. But he missed with his sword, two warnings sounded and everything blurred. This was, of course, a commendable figure demeanor.

It was the afternoon of the endorsement of Fernando Adrián, an unknown bullfighter until he won the Chenel Cup last year and won a luxury endorsement at this show. It has value and a good bullfighting concept; What’s been missing in his nine years as a bullfighter is the bullfights, as well as the highest commitment to responsibility: Madrid, the full bullfight, and the posh poster.

Adrián hit the jackpot, but you had to know how to manage it. He found the first, lightly chopped best bull, galloping in the second third and then accused of greed, constancy and travel. Adrián started working on his knees in the media and seemed willing to put all the meat on the grill. And he put on the first two batches with his right hand, put down the crutches, and a feeling of anger and substance crutches appeared. He changed the panorama one by one, made two different transitions that blurred the scene, and nothing was the same. The bull was shorter and did not know how to raise the flight of the mission. In short, there was no tension for victory.

Fifth, as Manzanares didn’t let his fate be so upset by the wind in the second of the afternoon, it lasted so little and ended so lackluster – only Antonio Chacón could present itself in two good banderilla pairs – as roomy, bland and bottomless.

In the end, the good atmosphere that Roca Rey knew how to create was left to the liking of some, the liking of others, but clearly worried about staying on top.

Del Rio / Manzanares, Adrian, Roca

Victoriano del Rio Bullswell presented, serious and astifinos; first embedded and stylish; the noble second; The sixth is noble and stupid, and very unequal, short-distance and lifeless to others.

José Maria Manzanares: two punctures and lunges (silence); move (silence).

Fernando Adrianconfirmed this alternative: low move -warning- (applause); big move (silence).

king rock: collapse (silence) -warning- deep puncture, one buttonhole -2. warning- two marrow and bull lie down (applause).

Sales Square. The twelfth run of the 19 May San Isidro Fair. Filled with ‘no tickets’ (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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