Roca Rey cyclone passes through La Condomina

Roca Rey cyclone passes through La Condomina

A double feeling in the atmosphere of the pilgrimage: on the one hand, the tragic death of Santiago, and on the other, the hope in the crowded stands of La Condomina. They tell me that Morante was inspired every afternoon by the smoke from the cigar he was smoking in the moments before the bullfight. I stayed at the cigar hotel yesterday afternoon. Until he went to the media, he could not open the capote for the injured burel without warming his curtain to the joyous public. With flannel, it was initially folded and left a little aftertaste. Later, with this personality, he drew the lines of his mission. What an accurate python with a helical ball! Although there was some right-handed quality, most of them kept the figure hunched without lowering their hands, better left, where it left a natural white smoke. He raised the sword in his first move to get a good thrust. The respectable person fiercely wanted the ear that he finally gave, even though the box cost him dearly.

Roca Rey showed why he’s at his best and the number of people he pulls into bullfights every afternoon around the world. The two bulls he squeezed to the max to get all possible trophies

When Morante’s second ‘steker’ stepped into the arena, the exclamation lines took over, referring to the burel’s peach fur. With the cloak nothing, but nothing. He gave the bull a ‘pinchacito’ and then devoted himself to removing flies and fleas from the bull and running here and there. You can imagine how the lines were, an extraordinary temper. In all this he carried the sword of truth, a sign that he intended to cut it short. That was when he started getting a series of stab wounds from all sides, neck, back, neck until he used Verduguillo. Anger took concert rates.

The first by Paco Ureña had a better image of a bull named Niñato, which Lorca finished arousing the public with a lively job with the cape. Fight with chopsticks before banderillas and gracefully pull out by chicuelinas. He raised a glass to heaven. It is a sign that we are facing a high-flying mission and bullfighting, with the crutches starting with the help of high feet together. Opening the compass, loading luck and advancing the crutch with motionless feet as if fixed in the sand and barely losing a step. Each crutch took the crutch in low hands, anger and depth so the parties were truly loaded by the left python on the right. Faena will get ahead of a great bull. A mission without even embellishment, just a vulgarity in the epilogue. Given such high work, it was necessary to kill him at the same level, he summed himself up and left a hole in the back before sinking the sword in the second encounter. Handkerchiefs marked the award. Two ears won justice.

Lorca Paco Ureña is back to teach another lesson in classic bullfighting, and in a real bullfighting case he always entered bull’s land.

In the second of the party, in the appearance of a bull and more coagulated than any of his brothers, he greeted him happily sets among lemon rings and was widely applauded. The bull had nothing to do with the first, he was rude and uncomfortable, and it was hard for Ureña to put him on crutches. Finally, and with courage, determination, and devotion, he came to the mouth of the bull and managed to subdue it, without the depth of the first, but by both pythons, true and down-to-earth. The public recognized him by generally applauding and asking for his ear from the box after a puncture and lunge…

Murcia could not get rid of the ‘mobile Morantada’, which was showered with protests

Roca Rey has an incomparable value, too much inequality in front of the mince heifer. The skinny Peruvian was not very bright, neither in the salutation sets nor in the removal of the sticks by chicuelinas after their fate. But it’s a cyclone. He went to the chaise lounges, put his feet on the sand, tucked his head between his shoulders, humiliating, and pressed the four helpers who set fire to the dignitaries. For a while he tried to overtake the bull and did not accept the challenge. A group followed his right hand, some long and endless, disfigured by abuse of the beak. Much better in natural bullfighting, beautiful running with low hands and with quiet pleasure. At this stage of the work, the public was already falling on the railings. He continued to finish in the middle of the ring. Push the hawks back a little. As the public began to wave their handkerchiefs, a fool burst into the arena with a banner against the bullfights. After exiting the ring, the max trophies reappeared. This time the box itself lived up to its reputation of being unpretentious and generous.

Where he closed the square, with a handful of flamboyant speedwells adorned with two chicuelina, he soon stepped outside to stop. With chestnuts and also rennet, he was pushed on the boards on horseback and picador, then he complained in the banderillas. The first sticks are genuflexo with crutches, and folk with oles already in the throat. Bull and bullfighter in the middle of the ring and bullfighting in the round. Three closed rounds with a massive chest pass. Flannel in your left hand, gently deflate the sand and sweep. Distance and turn to the right hands circling the bull. A mission has been accomplished and initialed with a big move in reverse destiny. This one had extreme reward, two ears and a tail.

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