Roca Rey unleashes the madness in his Picasso of Malaga

Roca Rey unleashes the madness in his Picasso of Malaga


Rewarded with a return to the ring in the drag, Daniel Ruiz’s big bull curls up and rises to three-eared shoulders

Roca Rey unleashes the madness in Picasso's M

Right-handed Roca Rey was released this Wednesday The frenzy in the crowded rows of La MalaguetaEnjoyed and impressed by the magnificent performance of the young Peruvian who helped him open the last Puerta Grande of the Malaga fair, now in the traditional Picassian Corrida.

An afternoon that will live on in memory of legions like Roca and his co-stars Cayetano and Pablo Aguado who were lucky enough to be in the capital of the Costa del Sol this Wednesday, they put up the “out there” sign. no ticket” Or what is the same, 9,000 people share their passion for bullfighting.

The second bull in the afternoon came out and predicted nothing of what would happen minutes later. “Juguetn” did not want to go to the capes and did everything when he started, but yes, he got a role in a great stick fight.

Roca went to the media to toast the public, and the start was already important, feet together, high and without change. Then, despite being told by the public, two right tans appeared that lacked the roundness that occurs in natural bullfights. This is where La Malagueta popped up.

The Peruvian very slowly pressed Daniel Ruiz from below and wrapped him around the back of his buttocks, savoring every spontaneity and raising the entire public to their feet. I closed the business for the very tight bernadines and a great two-handed bullfight. Estoconazo, both ears of the law turned to the ring of justice for the bull.

When he was about to leave at five in the afternoon, a roar was heard in La Malagueta. People were waiting to see if they could have fun again, as with the previous bull; and it was. Roca Rey did it again, appearing in the third first on her knees, then in the rounds and once again cante grande a la natural.

The animal was getting less and less, and the arrimn came, literally got among the pythons and let the bag graze on many occasions. One last rude throwing crutches it was icing for people to go crazy. A shame about the placement of the sword, but it still earned another trophy.

Cayetano also left his mark on the room, where he loved some chicuelina, who went for a walk to take the bull to the horse. The crutch began its duty by sitting in the stirrupto continue by placing both knees on the ground with assistance from above and once standing up, putting the people on their feet and finishing from below.

From Daniel Ruiz is a good bull fighting between the lines in more or less a mission where Madrid put everything on its side as well as being very diverse. The controversy came after the move, the public asked both ears but wisely, the presidency only gave the first.

On the other hand, at first he was not open to ideas; He didn’t know what terrain to stand so that the wind wouldn’t disturb him, and he couldn’t see himself clearly with his crutches, taking some precautions.

How well Pablo Aguado fights as a capote who only dropped his first two sets, but how were they… It’s a pity they’re just that duo. Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra begins With “Suspiros de EspaƱa”, Sevillian tried to draw natural in front of a close-up animal.

The same thing happened with the sixth, in addition, the wind was very uncomfortable, but here the cold and somewhat unstable Aguado is in a business that does not convince.

CELEBRATION FILE.-. Daniel Ruiz’s bulls is a very well presented and overall good game. Awarded with the return of the second ring number 97 “Juguetn”. The third and sixth, by the way, are the most boring.

Cayetano (turquoise and jet): four holes and dimples (clap after warning); moves (the second and two laps around the ring with a strong willed ear).

Roca Rey (tobacco and gold): lunge (two ears); detached media (warning and heed by the latter’s strong will)

Pablo Aguado, red and jet: puncture and semi-extended (applause); deep cucumber, almost whole and three pigeonholes (clap after warning)

In mobs, health after Ivn Garca marks third.

The square is filled with “no tickets”

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