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Roca Rey’s overwhelming power and De Manuel’s renewal opens the Door to dreams

The season closed with a high-level bullfight at the Monumental de Las Ventas. A poster was created on the occasion of Columbus Day – a National Holiday in Spain – with Alejandro Talavante from Extremadura, Andrés Roca Rey from Peru and Francisco de Manuel from Madrid. The bullfight of this event would belong to the Madrid anchors of Victoriano del Río and Toros de Cortés.

Talavante got some inspiration from the old lack of power

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Victoriano del Río’s first ‘Player’ threw an animal face down, in which Alejandro Talavante swayed his cloak feet with delight and was lifted by hieratic chicuelinas and a tall Rock King after Manuel Cid’s swung sticks. The good couple of Miguelín Murillo and Manuel Izquierdo. Despite showing a lack of strength, he decided to go to the media and start with a cartridge fish, and naturally the task by the genuflexos did not take flight. The Extremadura man wasn’t inspired by the sloth he fired with a precision thrust. Silence.

Roca Rey unlocks the Gate of Victory in the second tris that cuts off both ears

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He took second place due to the lack of strength shown behind bars, he was replaced by the first hat, he protested for his presence like its owner, and this one returned. At the back came a tris from Victoriano del Río with deeper but more bulging horns. Roca Rey couldn’t show Veronica with the bull he pushed with the sticks he bought from veronica Francisco de Manuel. Viruta and Paquito Algaba were dismounted by their good couple before fighting with Antonio Chacón’s bull’s good move – one of them risking great risk by giving the bull a thread and not cutting it. After a toast to the public, he got off to a chilling start, transforming into a bull that responded with greed and vigor in that prologue’s sensational exchange of hands. And the next right-handed series sealed moments of anger with a bullfight with a low hand and even the stampede abandoned. a delight And the natural animal took the rhythm it squeaked Madrid. He works with a sense of measure as he goes to steel with both hands naturally and after a series of close calls. And he blew it up before stabbing a series of terrifying bernadins, each of which was riskier. The blow knocked the animal to the ground, causing both of its ears to pop open.

Francisco de Manuel reveals his weapons and cuts off the cracked third’s ear.

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For the public, Francisco de Manuel del ‘Cojito’ third, unidentified in the first three and blown up with a great start to work, the black dripping ribbon was upright on his knees and then already right. hand. There was a lot of juice change hands. He disarmed him in the first series and knew how to attach value to a bull that came in in the second series. The animal is promptly and cheerfully, but with this flaw. He was building a calm connection and mind work, where he got the important moments until the animal cracked and then the arrimón came. The final ballet flats and rear but effective moves put the ear in his hands.

Monumental anger for Talavante, who indifferently awaited the fourth living bull to be thrown into the corral

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At 599kg, he was the fourth ‘Vampire’, second in Alejandro Talavante’s party and left himself a nice looking verónica but a bit of violence in the burial. The bull whose concept leaves great pearls on what it is… but without reaching the climax in an emphatic way. He also pierced the funo and waited indifferently for the live bull to be thrown into the corral in a Dantesque image. Whistle after three warnings. After the unsuccessful launch of Florito’s ox, they stab the animal in the ring.

Francisco de Manuel unlocks the Door of Dreams that cuts both ears into a fifth

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Francisco de Manuel left a graceful capotero nod to the fifth painting, as Roca Rey was still undergoing treatment in the infirmary after being wounded with a sword in his hand. After Alberto Sandoval’s good sticks, the humble chicuelinas of the lift went strong. Juan Carlos Rey and Fernando Sánchez greet after their magnificent duo. Again a toast to the public, followed by a good arm wrestling at the beginning and then a leisurely bullfight on the right. There he continued to explore and roar Madrid, each more extraordinary. The young man’s bullfight from Madrid was perfect against the slowing quality of Victoriano, where he knocked down with one foot and won a double award.

Roca Rey tries to overcome the difficulties of the sixth way

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It also marked the sixth unbroken hoodie of Roca Rey. It was given to him on the horse of José Manuel Nogales, and the bull in the banderillas did not take it easy. An unruly animal on his journey and lifeless as a whole. Even so, it blew some precious muletazos that tell the floor. He missed with steel and was silenced.


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horned river victorian. bland without forcing; the second and second bis returned; At least good second tris with humiliated rhythm and motor; With greed and motor, but finally broke the third; The fourth of half humiliation, with rhythm and movement; A rebellious, lifeless sixth on his journey.

Alexander Talavant: Silence and anger after three warnings

Andres Roca Rey: Two ears and silence

Manuel Francis: Ear and two ears


wretched In the image below to access the photo gallery of the celebration.

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