Roquetas Bulls Apotheosis, on horseback and on foot in Roquetas

Roquetas Bulls Apotheosis, on horseback and on foot in Roquetas

rock coso lived tremendous afternoon responding to the many expectations that emerged in the second installment, especially in the figure. diego venturaan unforgettable performance that resulted in four ears and a tail. Roquetas hadn’t seen a severed tail in a long time, and it could have been two days yesterday, if Roca Rey hadn’t failed in the final fate of closing the place by an accident.

The first part of the karma celebration has already promised great things to the many fans that almost filled the square. Gentleman rejoneador Diego Ventura, in his usual manner, lifted the people from their seats. full of tremendous style, skill and vulgarity. He gave the first bull to Gabriel Amat, mayor of Roquetas, and Pepe Rubi, Member of the Sports and Leisure Council. His words were as follows: “Because of you, all these people are in the square; I hope I can come here for many years.”

Jose Maria apple orchards He gave a good receipt to a bull who took two puyazos and in both cases knocked down the horse. He began his tenure in the media, which he developed entirely. a lots of academic work, by both pythons, with both hands, all sorts of passes, but this has not been fully in contact with the rocker public, as if he had succeeded on other occasions. He pierced on his first try at the last chance, a rare thing in a very confident right-handed person with rapier, and he managed to climax with a second move. He was given an ear.

The third sword that jumped into the ring ‘fashion’ bullfighter Roca Rey, dressed in peacock blue and gold, and taking the horned man with a few crutches without excessive shine. The bull received a ‘puyacito’ which, despite being already in some sort of banderilla, did not break his ropes or even bleed. The post began in the media, with little transmission at first, initially not reaching the usual enthusiasm it often provoked in the lines. The task grew by humiliating the bull, which was too close to the crutch. it was shiny final stretch, It’s a series with no corrections, planted on the ground, thrown over the pass, driving the people crazy. He killed it with a big bang and got two ears and a tail request that the president didn’t allow.

three-person door

After the regulatory hiatus and the corresponding snack, Diego Ventura enjoyed himself even more in his afternoon room. The bull pythons, millimeters away from the horse, remained stationary during its extraordinary run. Last breaks inside, double breaks, short banderillas for violin, both one-on-one and two-handed… take the emotion to the floor, The falling bull flared up with the spear of death. How could it be otherwise, after a long time without being accepted by the people in Roquetas, this time the president had bestowed both his ears and tail on him.

Manzanares was better in the latter than the first of his party, starting with very slow capote shots, a welcome and a good performance of the picador on the sticks’ luck. His task began with his hand too low to subdue the bull in the media. It was a slow bullfighting task with the bull embedded in the crutch. apple orchards got the best from the transition catalog round, natural, right-handed… He killed very well and was rewarded with both ears.

The afternoon was going great and The final runrún, starring Peruvian Roca Rey, put an unforgettable finishing touch.. However, the right-handed person failed the sword after doing a very good job, although he was more careful with the cloak. He slapped the public when he saw the potential of a bull to which he was perfectly attached, and his mission began as a draw, without rushing to appear in the media. There he conducted a very varied and ostentatious complete mission, demonstrating absolute dominion over his enemy.

Everything was ready, even for another queue. The public went crazy and Roca was handed over to Rey. But six holes and a buttonhole made it all go to a clapit’s come to provide a point of bittersweet flavor at the epilogue of a perfectly-gone afternoon.


ROCKET FAIR. Second payment. Mixed batch.

CATTLE BREEDING: María Guiomar (2) and Victoriano del Rey (4). Very well presented bulls giving excellent play. The fourth is back.

bullfighters: (on horseback) Diego Ventura Two ears at the request of the tail; and two ears and a tail. José María Manzanares (burgundy and gold) One ear; and two ears. Roca Rey (peacock blue and gold) Two ears with tail request; and applause.

EVENTS: Second subscription celebration of the Santa Ana de Roquetas de Mar Fair. Almost full, more than three quarters of capacity completed. Three bullfighters came out the front door on their shoulders.

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