San Miguel Fair Chronicle Hangover lasts until the Fair

San Miguel Fair Chronicle Hangover lasts until the Fair

The close of a San Miguel Fair where a right-handed bullfighter, José Antonio Morante of La Puebla, magically fills the bullfight with a muleta mission to a Matilla bull. And we went to this closure with the hopeful illusion that the event would be repeated. The stands were filled with the magic of the cigar master and a possibility revivalbut probably Juan Pedro Domecq’s artists abandoned the art in the bulls Lo Álvaro, and the illusion turned to disappointment as soon as Morante decided to use his sword on his second bull.

It all started with standing stands to applaud the man who reinvented the bullfight two days ago, but the man did, and Judicious, the bull who opened the bullfight, was broken. He left wanting to eat the world, but when he got off the horse he was nothing. Lifelessly he reaches for Morante’s crutch and shoots him short to kill him with a frying pan. With the hopelessly expanding fourth chestnut, they had no choice either. Morante dusts off old scales with the bull riding method and gets down on his knees for an exciting start to the mission. And there were times when the bull over there made the plane and Morante put it in the basket with a genuflexo and bullfight start. The silence of the square is cut by a knife, that silence that is usually the beginning of a great work, but juampedro says it will not happen again, and Morante takes his sword and makes it a guard, killing him horribly. Morante’s transition to the Sevilla season is over.

Go at a very good time Ginés Marín and he demonstrated this well in his studies. Fancy, a black mulatto who agrees to talk to his killer. Good for veronica and beautiful copy of aguado por chicuelinas. Ginés provides the square, as well as the round and natural, in a task of strongly reaching the lines. He blocks the reward for killing with the precious genuflexo muletazos to finish the job in half a move, so that the good bull’s ear is the reward for juampedro. In the fifth, it’s good to see him roaming the arena, and he enjoys it even at the opening that takes place in the hydrant, but everything is diluted as the bull is lifeless and Ginés insists on drawing water from a dry well. Two punctures and one and a half moves complete another impossible bull quest.

On the Friday afternoon before the pandemic, the bullfight was recorded in the heart of Seville, and every time Pablo Aguado marches through Seville, the Maestranza is filled with illusion. The roundness of a bullfighter’s victory that takes us to the best bullfighting history in Seville It causes them to go on a date with him, hoping it will be repeated on May 10, 2019. And in the first, Pablo remembered passages from what had happened that afternoon. Kicking a kite on his cloak, Tulipán cooperated without fanfare and always at half height. And so he nailed the side passes that were natural from the front and round with very good air to finish with a mid-height, various arabesques and a move where he cut off an ear. He insisted on the sixth and the counter-style in a bull that wanted brevity. When San Miguel, where Morante reinvents bullfighting, ends, killing him and Colorado after a series of furious rounds, that story is over. Now, hangover until the next Fair.

Celebration card

LIVESTOCK: Six bulls Juan Pedro Domecq and they were ending early. Only the second and third dialogue with the bullfighter was allowed.

BULLFIGHTERS: Morante de La Puebla, in red and gold, silence in both. Ginés Marín, slate and gold, ear and palm. Pablo Aguado, corinth and gold, ear and palm.

CUADRILLAS: So good with Rafael Viotti’s capes and banderillas and Antonio Manuel Punta and Juan José Trujillo’s gorgeous pairings. Very good on horseback Aurelio Cruz Ríos and Juan Carlos Sánchez.

EVENTS: The bullring of the Real Maestranza in Seville. Sunday, September 25, 2022 is a pleasant afternoon and the stands are full. As he broke the paseo, the public applauded Morante in commemoration of Friday’s work.

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