Seville is going crazy with a kid

Seville is going crazy with a kid

All the expectations rising around her debut Mark PerezThe fifteen-year-old from Salamanca, who revolutionized bullfighting, was greatly overtaken by the fact that the albero maestro saw a boy who would smoke all the tobacco as he now does to the bull what he is doing to the calves. from bullfighting. Just turning fifteen and looking like he had a lot less, Marco deftly turned the temple upside down with an artistic and encyclopedic recital in front of a young man named Bravío of Jandilla. What this boy did on Pilar’s day in 2022 is already featured in the Festival’s annals, where few bullfighters are training for their first game in Seville, from wearing a portagaola to an estoconazo. The mess this little boy made yesterday.

His description of what he does with the cape and crutches is summed up in his description. apotheosis. From the very beginning, seeing him walking in the square, so small and seemingly defenseless, put people on his side unconditionally. And with the tail of Bravío in one hand and the flag of Spain in the other, with the Puerta del Príncipe on his shoulders, a flock of children went to carry him to Paseo de Colón. We are talking about an event without exaggeration and one that we are sure will be the main subject of the winter bullfights.

For the rest, it must be said. Paul Aguado He knew how to perfectly understand the Talavante bull, Cristalino, who, by chance, touched him. Spartacus presented the bull to his father and impregnated him with Seville in the afternoon, so that after a recital with capote the task of a crutch full of spontaneity, anger and pleasure could take shape, so much so that although he pierced before the lunge, he pierced both ears. they fell into the hands of good collaborators.

Pablo Aguado cut off both ears of his bull and Manzanares and Diego Bastos played hair

touched the hair Josemari Manzanaressmashed into a rammer with Daniel Ruiz’s iron. Rarely, his ability to smudge was torn, and his shells and chest passages were connected with natural ones, as the man from Alicante understood because he worked with the cloak, and although he was pierced, he was rewarded with an ear after the lunge.

They had no chance with their enemies Diego Urdiales, Daniel Luque and Juan Ortega. After a spectacular bullfight to Veronica and a toast to the bullfighting arena, Riojan did a decent job as the mid-height limping bull wanted and, naively, killed her before the law. There was no reward for the delivery and the bullfight that Arnedo distilled from all the pores of his man, but Sevilla still awaits him.

Daniel Luke He’s one of the biggest winners of the season but Victoriano del Río’s bull took the field too early and Gerenense said we got to this point when we were ready to put him in the basket. Daniel only had options with a cape, a tool he used exceptionally well, but when one didn’t want it, and the two weren’t arguing, throwing himself in the middle is the only solution. He killed it with a full half move and everything was in greetings from the third.

The “no tickets” sign confirmed the happy idea of ​​closing the course with this festival

Juan Ortega’s misfortune with what came out of the pigsty is undeniable, and it happened again yesterday. Bull was called Domingo Hernandez Barbaro and he was a docile weeper who fled from the horse, was wounded in the banderillas, and saved the worst for the last third. Ortega offered Emilio Muñoz, the chief architect of this festival, and the truth is, he wasn’t a roast bull. Juan tried to steal all of his keys, but it was a mission without a future. The bull, recovering from his uncertain attacks, never gave up, and Ortega killed him with a laceless foot.

Sevillian novillero entered the poster Diego Bastos and displayed very good manners in front of a helm that was always well below his matador. He gave Luis Vilches the job and left a trail of opening a line of credit with the fan after he rightfully cut off one of his ears. In this direction, the long-winded call to end the season was heard, for what came next as a regulatory requirement was a practical classroom for a child and not a child, not a student, not a genius.

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