sixty years of bullfighting

sixty years of bullfighting

The sixty years that Juan Antonio Ruiz Román celebrates this Monday might be the perfect excuse to re-assert the bull-fighting and human dimension of a basic bullfighter of the 80s and 90s of the last century. Espartaco was the undisputed number one in the profession in that glorious period following Paquirri’s tragic death.He bled to death on the narrow road connecting Pozoblanco to Córdoba. The fall of the giant statue of Zahara de los Atunes would mark the end of the complex bullfighting transition that followed the retreat of the great figures of the Platinum Age and the placement of the so-called bull figure—in parallel with politics.

Juan Antonio was beaten from the deepest bullfighting basement under the strict tutelage of his father – it was he who unleashed the nickname, baptized by the great Pipe until he reached the very top.. There’s a before and after date, but above all, the definitive change in the price of a bullfighter who’s already roaming the fairs without legitimizing his cache. In fact, Spartacus dwelt on the idea of ​​exchanging gold for silver for complete economic stability. Manolo González’s famous bull ‘Facultades’ changed everything on the afternoon of April 25, 1985.

the last lesson

had taken alternative It was in Colombinas de Huelva in 1979 and opened the Puerta del Príncipe at the April Fair in 1982, but Fener’s 85 crossed the definitive line on Thursday. Transforming into a listed figure, he became the master and master of bullfighting until the fatal knee injury that changed his life.

In the most recent memory, there is still that gloriously punctual reappearance of the Resurrection on Sunday 2015. It was the definitive lesson of a great figure of bullfighting—who had vetoed the Plaza de la Maestranza at the time—and the final afternoon in lights. His father and son cut off his symbolic ponytail and left Prince’s Gate for the sixth time on the shoulders of the entire profession. Many more years, sir.

around the television

Remembering great personalities also places us in the times and circumstances in which they acted, and – don’t mark the hours – allows us to understand that the years have passed for everyone and everything. Bullfighting flourished in a very different social and economic environment in the last two decades of the 20th century.. We always run the risk of believing that what surrounds us is immutable, eternal… but everything will probably fall apart in a thousandth of a second.

The tug-of-war team that presided over the negotiations to retransmit the first-round fairs by the Canal Taurus and bullfighting employers has goosebumps. We’ve already talked about this, but it’s worth insisting on. The window with the Movistar platform still open is required. It is talked about the continuation of the economic problems in the world for a long time; as well as the decline in subscriber numbers and competition from certain pirated solutions.

It is the haddock that bites its tail: the subscriber does not have a closed retransmission calendar at the beginning of the year and considers how different fairs are closed without much order and concert as the campaign progresses. Seville example close: The businessman went so far as to say it on TV, bad, but the deal closed two or three days later, on the verge of the first bugle call.. No, this cannot be the best image for the industry. Nor the hard ones count on the threshold of the beginning of the Madrid Autumn Fair, which for now is left without the competition of the cameras.

need to set

At the negotiating table, some press up, others press down. This is normal. But it’s worth looking out the window to see what fell. In the stagnation panorama we live in – the economic viability of bullfights is a real issue in some scenarios – it is not appropriate to stretch an increasingly thin string too much. And back to the same thing: you can’t keep a customer made to pay for things they don’t care about If you don’t even know what to see in March. Pay TV delivers the great season in an age where bullfights are marginalized from the big media. Let those involved judge…

Meanwhile, the arrival of these cool autumn mornings and the early twilight are starting to mark the exit of a season that has had to save appointments in Madrid, Zaragoza and Jaén, and will set the definitive padlock for San Lucas this comeback year. to normalcy that teaches so many open waterways. Subscription has already expired in Seville, but there is still an attractive festival that will put more than a grain of sand in the exemplary Bolsa de Caridad del Señor del Gran Poder. It will be necessary to protect your plants.

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