Spectacle and desire go hand in hand in Vera

Spectacle and desire go hand in hand in Vera

Ferrer Martín 'saved' the obsolete 'garrocha' art./Baltasar gÁLVEZ

Ferrer Martín ‘saved’ the obsolete ‘garrocha’ art. / Baltasar GALVEZ

Diego Ventura displayed his ‘bullfight’ on horseback and Ferrer Martín displayed his will for victory.

In Vera, the second of the San Cleofás Fair, show and desire go hand in hand, in different styles but entertaining people, that was the point. Above is Diego Ventura displaying a bullfight on horseback, and Ferrer Martín accompanying him through the front door, and Rui Fernandes displaying his desire to achieve or approach victory.

Celebration card

  • Place
    Vera arena. half square

  • farming
    3 and 3 Fuente Ymbro from Torrestrella. Well presented, but unbalanced gameplay. The second is remarkable.

  • bullfighters
    Rui Fernandes, rejón, palm and rejón, one ear; Diego Ventura, rejón and descabello, two ears, rejón, clapping and Ferrer Martín a rejón, one ear and two rejones, one ear.

  • presidency
    Pedro Ramírez served as president, recommended by Guadalupe Martínez on the veterinary side and Pedro López on the artistic side.

The show came with a charming Diego Ventura who initially placed two criminal rejones. The party started with Nazarí, the excited audience surrendered when the excited audience took the stage with two long banderillas that Leo had also placed on his back. Together with Guadiana he set out to search the perimeter, planting two magnificent short banderillas in a row and a third in very little time. Confident and driven to succeed, the Sevillian rejoneador pocketed the public before killing it with a rejón and spindle. Tipless and without reins, if he rents the piece, he places two pairs of handed banderillas, the epilogue to the task of the two ears.

An interesting quest to the second of Diego Ventura’s series is a standing bull that ignores the tricks and ends in a draw. Based on a horse stable and trade, Ventura was able to conquer it with great willpower and intent to please the public. He began his mission to put five long banderillas with Nazari. And with the Guadiana he put on three short ones, two of which are violins. The failure of the spear of death prevented it from touching the hair.


Ferrer Martín cut off a bull’s ear from Torrestrella, who was standing very close by. He tried horseback bullfighting from start to finish and eagerly tried to win the pole bullfights, which his friends who pulled the stable horses did not frequent. Martín also distinguished himself with four banderillas, two rejone for punishment, four long banderillas and three short banderillas for the kill with rejón.

With the sixth, he initially pulled from the barn until he had used the six. After a penalty rejón, he showed off in banderillas with four and two roses in a mission where he came to ‘tie’ to the stands and showed his great desire to accompany Ventura through the front door. He killed two rejones to cut off one ear.


The Lusitanian gentleman Rui Fernández was the one who opened up a place to run a business with many ups and downs. With his first mount he then placed two rejones for punishment to place a white Lusitano horse and four long banderillas. He excelled in the final three against a bull from Torrestrella, where he placed four well-picked roses, thus signing the highlight of his performance. The epilogue with a spear gave him the applause of those who attended.

It stood out with this room. Fuente Ymbro did a great job at the meek where he had to pull his horse stable to attack a bull that was closed at the tables. He insisted on taking him out with a pair of banderillas and three short ones, stating that he was too close to the rear of the mount to charge the bull. One ear rewarded his selfless work.

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