Splendid afternoon of horseback bullfights at Fregenal de la Sierra |  fregenal

Splendid afternoon of horseback bullfights at Fregenal de la Sierra | fregenal

One of the quest moments in the Templar arena / Jose Antonio Dominguez Perez

Rui Fernandes, Diego Ventura and Leonardo open the big door before a brave Veiga Teixeira bullfight

This afternoon was a great atmosphere, with a hearty entrance in the stands to enjoy the bullfight scheduled on the occasion of the San Mateo fair and festivities.

At the start of the celebration, the Fregenal de la Sierra Musician-Cultural Society was revived with musical chords in the 1990s, passing through balillas-Band of Bugles and Drums of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cruz – blond albero frexnense. On this occasion, they gave the signal to start by playing “Amperito Roca”.

At half past five in the afternoon, bailiffs Beatriz González and Anabel Calderón began the parade, accompanying the announced luxury shortlist.

After finishing the Paseo, the chords of the National Anthem were played, followed, and lived by the respected people on foot and with emotion.

Bulls fought with the Portuguese currency «Veiga Teixeira». Corrida cinqueña is well presented and overall a great game. Bravos is motorized, spicy and put the masters to the test. The second number 726 “Bienquerido” attracted attention and was born in August 2017 – rewarded with the return of the ring – fourth, fifth and sixth.

Rui Fernandes (Blue Jacket).

He didn’t get off to a good start in the afternoon, failing several times with rejón. In the banderillas riding “El Dourado”, he nailed three good farpas fighting sideways and very angry. To the public-warming run with “H-Quiebro” banderillas. “Dalí” took the stage to install four short banderillas. Death rejón didn’t work and had a hard time with the pits. His performance was muted.

In fourth place, Rui came out with «Herón» and the penalty spear dropped a little. Called the bull, War II never gets tired of attacking with greed. In the banderillas, on this occasion he released the “Mistral”, in which he placed two good windmills. He also starred in the best of his performances with “El Dourado”, fighting very hard and nailing it from the inside out while also giving the breasts of the big horse. He left three short ones on a beautiful carousel and two roses to finish off his time in Fregenal with “Dalí” again. Two ears to Rejonazo and his esportón that won him the big door.

Diego Ventura (Burgundy and jet jacket) opened his victorious afternoon with “Guadalquivir”, where he left a rejón high, taking the second of the afternoon called “Bienquerido” – rewarded with a return to the ring. The third of the banderillas came and left several sticks for the run with the chestnut stalk «Fabuloso» and aroused passions that galloped into two parts. It was time for the “Nomad” to act, and with him came the tight pirouettes at the exit of the bull’s face, which went straight ahead and fired the bold bull’s attack. Faena concludes with three shorts for violin and a pair for “Guadiana” for both hands. Bravo and repeating bull from start to finish. After a puncture above and rejón. He jumped to the ground and grabbed two windmills and was suddenly thrown. Two ears to his esportón, get back in the ring and ride victoriously with the rancher.

In fifth, Ventura pulled out some of his heavyweights, but I dare say his barn is the most complete at the moment. “Campina” was his suitable companion, with whom he nailed a large spear straight and pure.

He has already formed “Velasquez” and, after enjoying the chords of a Sevillana performed by a female audience, dedicated by singer Inma Vilchez to the bullfighter of Puebla del Río, left two magnificent banderillas. “Lío” came out and made a hum with it. Quotes from bull, jog and banderilla, which practically reach a few centimeters, unleash the frenzy in the lines. But the bay of “Bronze” was missing, which makes a belt like a crutch. Banderilla stands up, lifts the reins, and is the perfect demonstration of dressage and pure bullfighting. Mission epilogue with «Guadiana», in which he left three short chapters. Rejón was slow to turn in the back because of his brave bull caste and courage, and after laying down, Ventura himself stabbed a wonderful blade with tremendous ease. Applause for the bull drifting, both ears and tail return to his special account and accompanied by a happy foreman.

Leonardo (in a dark blue jacket) is back in Fregenal de la Sierra after last season’s big victory in pardoning the iron bull “Peach” from the movie “Los Espartales” and the public was eagerly awaiting him.

He started his performance with “Giraldillo”, where he left a spear behind after his first opponent lost his hands. After a very furious battle with the magnificent “Enamorado”, he left two flags. The beautiful albino “Sol” was belted in what appeared to be a hot crutch fighting her belly. Brilliant couples and two-handed couples that shake the square. The bullfighter from Extremadura ejected the “Despacito”, in which he left two short banderillas on the violin and one more from the front and right. Upright, ineffective, rejón and buttonholes are attached. He got a round of applause from the third.

The last of the afternoon “Ciganito” beautiful red was a bold, greedy and tireless repeater.

Riding the “Elmo” left a rejoin above. The beautiful “Calimocho” starred in most of the work. Leonardo made a bullfight with him, galloped on two tracks, and carried the erected brave bull to his friend’s tail. Demonstration and bullfighting everywhere. Banderillas nailed it with purity and it’s a good bullfighting lesson on horseback. He finished his performance with the senior “Xarope” missing three. Rejonazo above and two ear and tail awards.

Puerta Grande for the shortlist, the perfect confinement of «Veiga Teixeira» and happy folk after an afternoon of history. Congratulations to everyone who made us experience a unique event with their good work, dedication and professionalism.

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