Superhuman epic, supernatural aesthetic |  Culture

Superhuman epic, supernatural aesthetic | Culture

The bullfighter waiting for him by the statue beside the tables, Joselito Adame, the male bullfighter who was able to overcome the enormous somersault caused by the fourth bull; Ángel Téllez is an artist who paints a few dreamy naturals on a timid bull of noble quality.

These were the two corners of Araúz de Robles’ unequal and astifina bullfighting, the heads and tails of the epic and aesthetic that ended with the Mexican right hand ending up in the hospital and discovering who wanted to be the new value of walking bullfighting.

With the heavy scent of young Téllez’s deep-bulb fights still lingering, and moments after Fernando Sánchez nailed one of the fair’s double banderillas, Mexican Adame stood as tall as a candle, waiting for the bull beside the bull. paintings with the intention of starting the mission with sculpture. The animal came to a furious gallop and at the last moment decided to ignore the crutch and crush the bullfighter with its immense power. Adame, whose wingspan is also short, leapt into the air, spun and fell on his head, similar to what Emilio de Justo did in the same square on Palm Sunday afternoon.

He made a brave man, but after a while, with tremendous courage, he managed to stand up against his fierce opponent, withstand the beast’s formidable gaze, and attract the muletases overflowing with determination and determination. So, a few exciting bands emerged, the bull galloping and with a ragged charge, and as the bullfighter sat in the arena, the pythons brushed the Mexican’s purse and the lines had a lump in their throats. The bull was tougher on the left, but the bullfighter didn’t give up, he still had the strength to take two new rounds with his right hand, bases of unlimited dedication. Adame walked around the battered ring, his face clouded and pained; So he entered the alley and went to the infirmary on his own feet, and from there he was sent to the hospital for radiological tests.

Minutes ago, young Ángel Téllez had fought so well that he was discovered to be a bullfighter with a deep artistic sense, who has accomplished little since choosing the alternative in 2019.

In the third of the afternoon, at the beginning of the last third, he was a hopeless bull, very unstable when he attacked from the right, but when his warrior called him, he was a well-placed, well-placed bull. crutch on the left. Then, submissive and noble, he humiliated, his gaze fixed and his footsteps quiet, allowing Téllez to draw two supernaturals that made the square moan, and two magnificent supernatural boots fastened with a long chest pass at the next party. And Las Ventas lit up with the splendor of art. The bullfighter tried it, brave and determined, the one before the sixth, who came to the date with a high face and could do nothing but justify his inclusion at the fair and deserved new opportunities.

Joselito Adame was not good against the hat of the first place runner Chamaco. He was a docile with mobility, with many passes but few bullfights, which gave him a job as long as it was soft. The Mexican was compliant and willing, but well below his opponent’s conditions.

Pepe Moral was unlucky with the very cracked and difficult first and couldn’t find the right way against the fifth; glitches abounded and the feeling that the bullfighter had no clear ideas. He killed well, but they did not take into account.

Arauz de Robles / Adame, Moral, Tellez

Arauz de Robles Bulls -first, returned after the hoof was broken-, well presented, gentlemen on the horses; broke the second; noble and dull third; the fourth is fierce and fierce, and the last two are unyielding and dull. The first hat from Chamaco is back; second, of the same iron, docile and mobile.

Joselito Adame: puncture and lunge (applause); puncture -warning- and back lunge (back to the ring). Medical report: cervical-thoracic contusion with multiple erosions of the scalp. Pending radiological study. Separated estimate.

Pepe Morales: two holes -warning-, six stenosis -2. warning-, a squeeze and the bull is out (silence); withering thrust (silence).

Angel Tellez: puncture and lunge (ask and return to the ring); move -warning- (applause).

Sales Square. 17 may. The tenth run of the San Isidro Fair. More than half an entry (13,602 spectators, according to the company). A minute’s silence was held in memory of rancher Javier Araúz de Robles, who died last January.

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