Talavante’s future: What will it be in 2023?

This is one of the biggest disappointments of the 2022 season Alexander Talavant: After announcing his return to the ring last year, there were many fans who were eager to see the return of a bullfighter who left at the best moment of his career and reintroduced that bullfight when he returned to Arles.

His return came in San Isidro Except for a few afternoons in Alejandro, El Puerto, Bilbao, Salamanca or Murcia, in a poster hand-in-hand with one of the other bullfighters of the moment, Juan Ortega, who is on the pulse of the season in mid-June, is way too low.

More abyss from the peaks in a season where the Badajoz bullfighter turned to Joselito’s side in a year where he didn’t seem comfortable at all, and no doubt, the truly missing hand was Joaquin Ramos’s.; moreover, for many, he was infected with the coldness of a hobby in which he did not see or perceive the necessary connection to get a job. It is true that it is difficult to keep the pulse of the bull and the audience after being out of the rings for such a long time, and it has extended the season. In most cases, the common point between the ring and the lines was missing.

After his great work at El Puerto, he seemed to have come back, but without regularity, and the afternoons passed without major headlines until the afternoon in Bilbao, which gave him the breathing space he needed to face the rest of the season. high spirits. Murcia and Salamanca were also places where this development was seen. Everything turned upside down in the season finale, when the afternoon in Madrid ended with a bad taste in the mouths of the fans. which ended up extremely angry. Zaragoza and Jaén also didn’t help getting back on track.

Now, with the European season coming to an end, it’s time to think and see which direction we’re headed. Alejandro knows he needs to change things to make the connection to the power lines more fluid. Change that insensitivity that appears from time to time, leave behind those ghosts that can torment you, free yourself from them and leave those bonds behind.

Joaquin Sabina said one should never go back to a happy day, but this is not the case in Alejandro’s case. Getting back to Mexico could be crucial to rescuing that seemingly lost bullfighter, because there Talavante is Talavantea place where you will feel at home, where Extremadura gets bigger as you go uphill.

Now he must reinvent himself, return to the boy who dreamed of being a bullfighter, and find himself again from there. He already did that in 2014 when it looked like he stopped at the bullfight. More than ever, Talavante needed a strong man like Joaquín Ramos. -Would he allow an approach that turns his back on Seville and Valencia and the little squares full of flavor?-. Next to him was a Joselito who went through such moments in his career. But the question is Will they stay together in the future? A decision that, if taken in one direction or another, cannot be extended much longer in time. Talavante needs to think.

Keep in mind that most of this season’s mistakes have to do with winning bets: risking the season’s final bullet in Zaragoza is a bullfight by Juan Pedro – the antithesis of Talavante’s bullfight – with the season’s best bullfighter. It’s Morante, it’s deadly; He can’t afford it in Alejandro’s season as he doesn’t think about a draw in Jaén… the campaign and even more when it comes to the Fiesta after almost five years of self-exile.

The hourglass has turned The season is closer than it seems, now is the time to make decisions for the future in the short and medium term, to know what you want and where your career should go.. Bullfighting needs Talavante and Talavante bullfighting, so the connection to Mexico seems to be key to a unique bullfighter’s revival.

But the secret is also to go out on the field and prepare, at some moments Paquirri, Espartaco, Robles… to prepare for the Spanish season by giving up a great deal from America. And for that, Talavante needs to find his helm.

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