The afternoon was for Toricantano

The afternoon was for Toricantano

we came maestranza as if immersed in a cloud that barely lets us face reality. The artistic storm of the previous day did not give us a chance to see things as they were, and this was because the symphony performed by a right-handed bullfighter in his yellow alberol symphony had hangover effects. Apparently, we were heading to the most anticipated function at the box office, as the poster featured Andrés Roca Rey announcing the Peruvian hurricane that ravaged the bullfights. Next to him is Calerito, a lover, a path-hungry hobbyist model from Seville, who, like Josemari Manzanares, will invest Juan Pedro García in Bullfighting as a doctor.

He sent a group of harmonic bulls from Victoriano del Río, a very important cattle ranch, into the pig barns, six bulls, three very beautiful, and the last three more serious. And as if Providence wanted to help the most needy, the most drinkable party, toricantan. And the novice hit the accelerator right from the start, with a string of veronicas filled with enthusiasm and manners to do anything in the last third.

calerito After giving it to his father, he showed an overdose of enthusiasm that would have helped him succeed in the first. The speaker was named the bull of the alternative, and this bull would give us some hopes that were later unconfirmed. An encastado bull who wants to eat his crutch over and over and Juan Pedro is truly ready to secure himself and the future. After the celebration, he went to the media and had an enthusiastic sense of dialogue, full of the beautiful flaws that the beginning of any profession offers. Calerito took advantage of Orador’s lively and repeated attacks, taking advantage of him in rounds and naturally killing him with a formidable attack against the hawks. The ear in the bull of the alternative should be the first rung of the ladder of success. Will it be?

In the sixth, the same spirited out, and after presenting her mother (how far are the images of mothers and wives praying in the privacy of the bedroom), she made an appointment with the fish cartridge for a series of natural things that the bull went with. but Calerito used his head well to subdue Jinetero, a brown bull with a large body. A few rather ambitious sets could have earned him another trophy, but he got stabbed with knives and even got a warning for clumsily handling the scattering rapier.

Josemari Manzanares He crashed into a vacant lot that would let him have the most opaque Sevillian afternoon, and also got stuck when it came to killing them both. Andres Roca Rey, the great lure of the afternoon, he did his best, and the one who gives what he has need not do more, but all his efforts were in vain. The first bull was slow to grab the albero as it was, and the second gave it to the bullfight, and behind the hierarchical statue, one of the tornadoes that Lima had unleashed during the circuit could be seen for a moment. However, the bull took refuge on the boards without accepting the fight offered by his matador. The afternoon was for novices, and with Morante’s return on Friday in the middle of a hangover, will there be a revival?

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