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The elegance of Vicens, the Fortes exhibition and the David de Miranda concept

Lea Vicens’ elegance on horseback surprises first-time audiences

Lea Vicens took the first from Luis Albarrán, letting him run, fighting sideways and nailing a punishing spear. The French amazon showed in the banderillas, especially with Bético, by pulling the whole square to his side. He fought the shorter ones and on Deseado’s back more than La Castilleja but near a good animal that stood still at the end of the mission. On the second attempt, he left the death rejón and had to resort to the cross-headed rapier.

Fortes’ recession pays homage to the latter

Cold start, usual behavior in mating bulls, was second in Jiménez Fortes’ cape. After receiving a punch from the back, so timid in the banderillas, the matador replaced the third with four sticks. After toasting veterinarian Inocente Zaragoza, he doubled over at the start of the mission and then began fighting in the third row from the right against a mid-height attacking and emotionless animal. However, he discovered the left python, where the bull was more repetitive, and based it on a task there where there were good natural bullfighting moments against a Núñez without a pass from the python. Even at the end of the quest, the man from Malaga chose silence, stepped into an unexpected wasteland, and was horribly caught in the horns of Alcurrucén. He buried the steel on the second try and had to go crazy.

David de Miranda’s proficiency pays an ear to the lackluster third

The cold start was also the serious third, a colorado that didn’t offer the option to shine on David de Miranda’s cape. Great care was taken on horseback and in banderillas to a not very strong bull from Alcurrucén. David de Miranda, unaware of the fabrics, left third with a very lifeless animal in the final, which came out with a very high face. The best came when she provoked him, and he closed his exits in a natural confrontation that culminated. He made a falling lunge with which the animal rolled.

Lea Vicens blurs live mission for fourth with sword

Further bullfights finished fourth, Luis Albarrán’s other bull, whom Lea Vicens faced with two rejones as punishment on the spot. The Gaul Amazon shone with Jasmine, leaving the banderillas on the run for value and merit. He was also good with short ones and roses, but he blurred everything with a sword. He was about to hear three warnings.

Fortes ignores Alcurrucén’s good-fifth

Tardo started fifth and split in banderillas, planting a mess in a third with a lack of productivity. The red from Alcurrucén greedily sought out fabrics at the start, but yes, with a somewhat ragged attack. The best bands came when he tied the muletases together while trying to orchestrate the bull’s attack, although perhaps a larger round was missed. The sword fell on him and served Fortes to dislodge the beast.

David de Miranda doesn’t sign his duty to the sixth with the sword and all is left in one ear

David de Miranda hailed the sixth, leaving a quality cast that permeates the series. After the back kick, the Huelva player took to the media for tafallera, showing great courage, putting his shoes on the albero and without moving from the field. After raising a loving toast to José Antonio Carretero, he broke up with the third and began working with no evidence, statues, and stills. The classified animal obeyed, although it was not a point of humiliation. De Miranda coagulated him at important parties, especially for the right python, but he stuck with the greatest luck and all was in one ear.


Madridejos Arena (Toledo). Half square. Mixed bullfight.

Two bulls (first and fourth) from Luis Albarrán for fighting on horseback, and four bulls from Alcurrucén (second, third, fifth and sixth) for fighting on foot.

Lea Vicens: Two ears and applause after two announcements.
Fortes: ear and two ears.
David de Miranda: ear and ear.

Events: At the end of the Paseo, a tribute is paid to the career of José Antonio Carretero, a native of Madridejos. Fortes roasted Inocente Zaragoza, a veterinarian, in the latter.

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