The 'Golden Shoe' controversy

The ‘Golden Shoe’ controversy

By God’s grace, the business card of today’s bullfighter Fabio Jiménez is full of bullfighting achievements in several seasons. I don’t know, three or four big gates in Madrid, a few ‘Principes’ in Seville, Bilbao and San Mateo, the biggest winner in Pamplona… In the best case, as I said, these victories can be more or less debatable: if the move is reduced, the task if not two ears… typical and up-to-date when it comes to analyzing the bullfighters’ victories. But what is clear is that the 2022 ‘Golden Shoe’ will never be featured in Fabio Jiménez’s introductory letter, and what’s even more incomprehensible is that Fabio Jiménez has been the best of the bullfighters who have passed through ‘shoe city’ in the past few days. .

I approve this with great respect to the jury and the decision of this event, how could it be otherwise, and also after witnessing each of the performances of the future bullfighters doing the paseo at the Arnedo Arena.

It seems very daring for me to quote the notes I took during the performances of Fabio Jiménez and the winner Víctor Hernández. More than anything, because they will be full of discretionary errors. But yes, with all the humility in the world I will say that Víctor Hernández is facing a difficult helm, something to keep in mind as subjugation is not a brave bull. From there, the value of the bullfighter from Madrid lay in letting go of his crutches to avoid the aforementioned escapes. Yes, there was quality in the crutch business, and a lot of it, especially in the two dramas with natural, lots of dating and transfers. Also in a much-acclaimed inverted circular. And that’s all, because the rudder stopped and stopped charging. Hernández prudently wanted to separate one last sequence into the natural sequence, but that would never reach due to the animal’s condition. He pierced, made a move, and gave a warning sound. I insist that the bullfight is a slab, I’m punctured.

Meanwhile, Fabio Jiménez triumphed over a rudder that appeared to have been injured during the fight; this created a very complex environment for the bullfighter, raising public morale based on the fact that he was fighting as a hat. Jiménez did a very good bullfight with the capote, prevailed in such an unfavorable climate, and there was one thing that ruled his entire performance: the bullfight. And bullfighting is no trivial thing. Fabio was a bullfighter through and through, and as such he achieved a series of spontaneities with very good line, lots of fury, great depth and immense depth. And not two, but three. Chest passes like bullfight posters left a moat to frame and a sensational bullfight at the end of the mission. I insist that Fabio is in a bullfighter; very bullfighter And killed it with a good move.

The Jury cannot argue to increase the importance of a competition by negotiation. A jury must do justice and give the prize to the best for it. And if the best is a bullfighter from Rioja, he awards the trophy as if he were an Andalusian, Basque, Madrid or Asturian. The jury must be fair. I don’t know what’s unfair as anything that gives a prize to a foreign bullfighter avoids what he has to say. The reward will be more important, not by giving it to the most pointed novillero.

The category of this type of competition is ensured by the variety of rudders to be challenged, their good presentation, and the seriousness and rigor of a presidential box both when awarding trophies and notifications. And in these days in Arnedo, the helms of various encas and elegant presentations were handled, more or less proper trophies were given, and at least eighteen warnings were heard. So yes, ‘Shoes’ will continue to be gold. Denying winners in the ring, no. They said they did something very similar to Pedro Carra in 1991. And for shoes they have to go from Calahorra and Alfaro, not Andosilla for the saints. you are going to know.

I wasn’t close to sending this whatsapp to Fabio Jiménez when yesterday’s celebration was over: «Don’t let him rub you and serve you. Congratulations, bullfighter! When did I not send him! Of course today I sent him this: “Hello Fabio! I just wanted to send you a big hug and say that these injustices may serve to make you stronger and more of a bullfighter. You will always be the 2022 Golden Shoe to me. Go ahead, bullfighter!

And I almost get emotional from the anger he gave me. Because this ‘shoe’ does not seem to serve the child to find his way in this complex world of bullfighting.

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