The great bullfight of Urdiales on the shoulders of a mighty Roca Rey in Logroo

The great bullfight of Urdiales on the shoulders of a mighty Roca Rey in Logroo

Exceptional work of purity and sincerity This Wednesday, Diego Urdiales opened the last Great Gate of the Logroo fair, sharing this victory with Peruvian Roca Rey, who, after a very strong and lively job, flew out to the sixth with both ears cut off.

Urdiales’ first mission was invaluable for the fact that he imposed himself on a bull that had developed his mind during his fight, on the basis of determination and courage.

The man from La Rioja, who left his business card with calico in a tight-fitting dress, both for reception varnishes and for chicuelinas, I gave a lot of consent to thank you at first.but soon he saw the animal deteriorate, stopping, raising its face up, and turning in a clearing. The mission of the race, rather than the aesthetic, is very true and exciting, but in essence it has remained silent.

The really cool thing came in the fifth, a bull who came to the muleta without identifying himself and with whom. Urdiales dictated a lecture capacity, scope and an excellent natural bullring.

After a very hard start from the bottom and after a while to remove it from the media tests On the right, he threw the crutch to the left to play an extraordinary sequence from Arnedo for how he commanded a bull with purity and genius and attacking everything.

Faena, without cracks, without doubt and always more, He dazzles his fellow countrymen, as he completes the bullfighter’s natural, fully immersed, very candid and dazzling, trembling with Urdiales’ bullfights, completing his extraordinary work with a move that won him two ears.

Gasoline didn’t take long for the first king rock, A bull who has a certain joie de vivre at their debut, but chooses to throw the blind right away until they leave for sure.

The Peruvian let him come from afar at the start of the right-hand task, running his hand gently but without shaking Cuvillo’s hand in a solvent task, but this never brought enthusiasm to the lines, but he seemed to be reacting anytime soon. . Matt was bad and muted.

Encouraged by Urdiales’ victory, Roca Rey came out for all in sixth place, with a brave bull and transmission that he put on a mighty missionHe is lively and very communicative with lines, enjoying the courage of capote and limeo and the absolute dominance he demonstrated with muleta.

A fast-paced mission that subdues Cuvillo’s man from below in the first chapter of a notable authority. short distance finish where he placed all his artillery. Withering move and two ears.

A little history had Morante’s first stint in defense, where he was a fair bull of power and Sevillian flew for a short time. for one and another python before going to the sword. Final whistle for the drifting bull and also for the bullfighter

The fourth was returned and replaced by a Juan Pedro Domecq hat, in which Morante had turned canes into spears with a very different task than before, and left large bullfights in it.

Another trend has already been seen with Capote and signed the veronicas of the remarkable execution, chicuelinas and even flamboyant navarras. Crutches in hand and after valuable assistance from the top, the mission was filled with gleams of graceful cut to a bull who served without further ado and cut off an ear after a deft move.

FESTIVAL FILE.- Five bulls from the Nez del Cuvillo, well presented and uneven play. Weak and first in defense; with genius, and the latter even worse; more or less third, which resulted in cracking; fifth encastado and bravo sixth. The fourth was a manageable hat by Juan Pedro Domecq.

Morante de la Puebla (lime green and jet): false lunge (whistle); skillful move (ear).

Diego Urdiales (jet turquoise): half and three essences (silence); move (two ears after warning).

Roca Rey (navy blue and gold): two holes and low move (silence); withering move (two ears).

In gangs, El Vctor came to the fore with banderillas in second; and picador Jos Manuel Quinta was widely acclaimed after the fate of the reeds in the sixth.

The square was almost packed in the stands (over 10,000 spectators), by far the best entrance in the entire show.

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