The great door opens wide for purity and desire

The great door opens wide for purity and desire

Excellent natural bullfight by Emilio de Justo./Baltasar Gálvez

Excellent natural bullfighting by Emilio de Justo. / Baltasar Galvez

Great job by Emilio de Justo in the afternoon seconds; victory for a Morante who arms himself with desire and great love for Pablo Aguado

Emilio de Justo doesn’t care about the place, always looking for victory, and he does so with a pure bullfighting catechism that had Vera open the front door of the bullfight in an afternoon accompanied by other components. Of the trio Morante, because scarcely or not, the bullfight is undeniable, and also because of his constant desire to succeed, although he did not have much luck with the two, he only committed key moments in the fourth place. Aguado, by force, revealed no less. He put forth effort and willpower in his two duties.

Celebration card

  • Square
    Vera arena. Good entry.

  • farming
    Zalduendo bulls block the shine with good presentation but erratic play.

  • bullfighters
    Morante de la Puebla (black and gold), move, one ear and move (two ears), Emilio de Justo (green hope and gold), move, two ears and move, one ear and Pablo Aguado (eggplant and gold), lunge, an ear, and lunge, an ear.

  • presidency
    Pedro Ramírez served as president, advised by Francisco de Haro on the veterinary side and Pedro López on the artistic side. A minute’s silence was held for the late Virgilio Gimeno.

Morante had no chance in his first, very hard and cautious attack, and he was also weak from behind. Coming from Puebla, the one in the cloak at the reception darted towards the speedboats with his spear and pulled out some neat ones. He charged the beast, leaning against the planks to avoid the pesky wind with his flannel. In an attempt to get the job done, it has come to slash some natural muletases as well as the drinkable array on the right. In any case, the weakness of the bull in question has always made him defensive, not allowing him to do anything, also throwing bullies that Morante did not realize and prevent him from trying. In the final part of the fight, the brushstrokes of a bullfight who is always above Zalduendo. He had no luck with the sword, but he won the applause of the dignitaries who whistled the bull after leaving a good job.

The latter’s task, although bumpy due to the few installations of said enemy, was in high divisions for disposition, which allowed him to reach the lines with a lot of bullpup. With so many ups and downs, desire played out in Puebla’s right-handed favour, with loose passes but a lot of substance and bullfighting stalemate, hiding nothing before burel’s complex attack. he wants to please the right-handed audience. Always in the face of the bull, before a bull, the end of an interesting business took place. Added the perfect move to cut off both ears.


Returning to Almería after a noisy afternoon at the Virgen de Mar fair, Emilio de Justo gave a very interesting performance in the second afternoon. He shot great with Percale and a good shot with half veronica. Bullfighting them all naturally with his crutch, cutting some great naturals on the left python and good muletas on the right, reaching the lines didn’t cease to cheer him up. De Justo put everything in, nothing was hidden. A brilliant final sequence of ballet halls was the epilogue of a big mission the man from Extremadura was always comfortable closing with in a big move that earned him his ticket out the front door.

With the latter, De Justo made a big dent against a classless bull, but the right-hander from Extremadura always took the risk, signing three laps of excellent quality with the left python, stretching his leg forward to catch the muletases reaching the line. born of the taste where the horned man is in front of his face. Right, it didn’t help. After the attack, a strong request from both ears left in one ear.

Pablo Aguado starred in a mission that had many ups and downs. His interest in pleasing the respectable people of this small and flirtatious Plaza gave him the opportunity to find only a few loose muletazos, but they were so loose that they barely managed to unite. The right-handed person was very eager and was above that of Zalduendo, whom he killed with a stoconazo to cut off one ear.

Aguado closed with a pleasant task before a broken sixth that did not allow the shine. At first he had seen something the public was trying to see, but he could do nothing as the bull would not let go. Based on his determination, he won the public to kill with a good move and secure the great gate.

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