The word of the bullfighter: The Iberian Veterans Association.  (Bullfighting Group)

The word of the bullfighter: The Iberian Veterans Association. (Bullfighting Group)

Today, the Iberian Veterans Association (Bullfighting Group) invited me to dinner to have a pleasant time at dinner and to share bullfighting conversations, and they achieved their goals.

Personally, I was surprised by their good supporters and their concern for wanting to learn and know more about bullfighting.

A few days ago my friend Luis Miguel Torres “Cotola” told me to invite me to this event on behalf of him and his colleagues, I said yes without hesitation because there is nothing more beautiful than the events that the fans attend and attend. Bullfighters are very respected and admired because I think we still feel like bullfighters even though we are retired.

I’ll start by telling you that Luis Miguel is now a huge fan and took his first steps on the bull at the time, and as he told me today, how hard it is to be a bullfighter and he quickly understands the circumstances. A great aircraft mechanic that existed and was soon abandoned, now and for 40 years. Luis Miguel’s father was also a bullfighter, a bullfighter, and as an anecdotal, curious, and almost tragic fact says that he was the only bullfighter to have his ear cut off since acting as a nicknamed bullfighter in a bullfight. The chopping stick passed in front of the horse as “Hand Kiri” was throwing the helm, leaving his ear hanging off.

Luis Miguel’s son was also a bullfighter with pickaxes and left a few years ago.

Today’s dinner and meeting gave in, we talked with Morante about the bullfight of maestro Morante, the breed and technique of Roca Rey, two of the most public bullfighters, the conversation also took place in the 1970s and 1980s organized by Iberia and about Coming out of the bullfights held until the 1990s, the performers were flight attendants at these nostalgic bullfights, and the profits were to help fund the disabled children of IBERIA employees.

Unfortunately, due to the high cost of permits and the corrupt hobby of some, these IBERIA festivals are no longer held.

The group of veterans from IBERIA (Bullfighting Group) continue to have fun and do their best for the festival within their means, excursions to visit wild cattle farms, bullfighting meetings, etc.

Seems like a very interesting group of people that I’m very pleased to meet with everyone and I’m surprised that there are people among them, like a man named Teodoro Marcos, who fought and are now there as a practical amateur at some of the festivals mentioned above. , continues to fight on the field with something over 70 years old. It also caught my attention to learn that another member of the band, José Ruiz, was a horseless novillero in the 1970s and was a banderillero for a short time. time.

I also met José Antonio, an IBERIA veteran who wanted to learn about bullfighting and currently lives in Paraguay, specifically Ayolas, on the banks of the Paraná River where the Yaciretá dam is located.

The other coastal Argentina, meanwhile, comes from there today and more days to have fun with friends and participate in bullfights.

Thank you for giving me such an enjoyable day and for keeping this group together with such amazing fans.

7 October 2022.

Julian Master, bullfighter

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