Three births, three and one event

Three births, three and one event

Donaire and casual style. applause

Navalón and Donaire captivate the country’s fans in a difficult year after the pandemic End of season in Valencia brings new value to the bulls festival

Sunday, October 16, 2022, 00:13

Valencia. The final celebrations of the season in Valencia, hard to call them fairs, attracted the attention of a few heroes. In the hierarchical order, we should start with the bullfight, which is full of nuances, without wasting time for boredom, despite the XXL images, which are not less than three hours long, allowing to examine different models of courage and even the amateur category; The same day confirmed another step forward for Román, who made his debut as the director of Lidia, a matter of seniority, and, although initially considered, handled the script for the competition with great generosity and integrity. -to damn stupidity- to arrive at the foot of the big door; There were brilliant picadors, notably Puchano and Chocolate, and master fighters like Rafael González, who commanded without fanfare and was very effective.

These celebrations, where the luck of the sticks are so precious, are not easy to escape the ultimate disappointment, and in these times when farmers are more concerned than ever with the game of the bulls in the last third (that’s what the General public is demanding) the taste of a competition almost feels like a contradiction, although it’s always really true. though it has been said that the brave are brave in all three. The difficulty of the final success clearly shows that in the last five bullfights of this modality held in Valencia, the award for the bravest bull of all has been abandoned. This was not the case, and it was even possible to choose. The horse from Torrealta was rewarded, the one from Pedraza could be rewarded for measuring in more metres, the one from La Palmosilla, which so far seemed the most complete, was frustrated by an inappropriate somersault and received a good mark from Adolfo Martín. Four bulls interested in a bullfight are no less, whatever the modality, it can actually be considered an event.

those of the lights

In the Lights episode, it was possible to experience the debut of a bullfighter self-named Burdiel, who exhibited more of a bullfight than science than art, a nuance that always creates high expectations among fans, no matter how much science is required to transform illusions. to reality. His first mission had the virtue of breaking the mundane sequence, and so the current missions, right hands, naturals, shifting transitions when the tension drops, and final bernadines are already boring and predictable (they consume the surprise factor). This Burdiel has improvised and interspersed a sea of ​​creative resources that are new to current fashions. At other times such a happy presentation could be immediately repeated, right now we have to wait to see if it’s a dream or reality.

And finally, two children appeared in the horseless one, although in principle, to instill illusions in the hearts of fans. Interestingly, both by the names of famous critics, Navalón and Donaire, purely coincidentally, the first Valencian from Ayora and the second from Calahorra, a student at the Albacete school, settled in Valencia with his entire family, where he arrived as a child as a child. a case of professional early development attracted by the school he attended with admirable punctuality; the first is a very structured style technically, I would say most of this time, with seated plants and linear geometry, very well placed, classic bullfighter – although in this bullfight the person is never well placed beyond the meetings, in reality you are always in the open, all You’re being crossed over by a bull smashing your accumulated knowledge and more – and another, that small and alert Donaire, engages him in a dazzling creative spontaneity from an aesthetic of moderate vulnerability. even greater attraction. The first is more Ponce, the second is more Morante synthesized and with no intention of comparison. I wrote ten lines, no more, since I started referring to two boys and they’re already going to accuse me of exaggerating, an idea I share, I’m exaggerating! Actually, I am the victim of an illusion, but what else is bullfighting, who else can swim in a situation as uncompromising as Valencia, but the new bullfighters are engaged in social times without betraying close people and social times of this time. bullfighting basics The two of them meet these initial requirements, so there’s no one to get me out of that cloud, and they’re not the only ones: days ago in Algemesi it was Nek and the brave Niño de las Monjas who hopefully alarmed fans. I say that the rabbit jumps in these bullfights, where the prophecies cause so much trouble, the phenomenon that confuses everything in an unexpected place, or the savior messiah, no one hides it. Take note of the latest disclosures right now, but more to come.

And next year…

All of this, which can be seen as a happy ending, happened as the season pulled the curtain. A tough year with the hangover from the pandemic that has conditioned everything, it must be admitted, and the landing of a new company, Nautalia, is certainly expected to keep the pulse of the country’s tastes and meet the needs of a demanding hobbyist. more intimacy and attention. Next year the deal looks set for a fork in the road for a good marriage or a divorce making things even harder, and Valencia knows its business.

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