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For a comeback, the horse is much more than a tool of work: It is a partner that they spend most of the day with, so their price is not marked by a predetermined amount. There is a trade in animals, but when it comes to the stars of a bullfighter’s barn on horseback, they are truly worth millionaires. In fact, many comebacks don’t put a price on their horses for the love and affection they have felt for them throughout their careers.

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caganchoThe horse that Pablo Hermoso bought for 280,000 pesetas, making it the best in bullfighting history

The beautiful Pablo in La Maestranza. © PH

One of the horses that left its mark on an era and is still remembered, ‘cagancho’A horse that shares the beginning of Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza. Together they climbed to the stardom of bullfighting. A horse that covered 280,000 of the old pesetas in those years, and its value rose to stratospheric figures over time.

Ugly, skinny, stubborn, and legs full of bleeding ulcers: that’s how it was cagancho When Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza decided to take him from Portugal brito paes In 1990, at low cost, four years and At the most important horse fair in Portugal, absolutely no one noticed him. Like the ugly duckling, like the ostracized kid in the classroom that no one wants to play with…

A horse that has left its seed in the home of the Navarrese rejoneador follows countless sons who continue to shine in this stable. In an interview, Beautiful Pablo from Mendoza went on to declare: “My horses are priceless.” There are those who claim that a single copy taken from his barn could cost a million dollars, but he insists they are not for sale, after all.

“Blank checks” for bullpup horse

Detail of an afternoon rejones. 1st square

There is an anecdote referring to the rejoneador Juan José Rodríguez, a natural rejoneador from Badajoz. Extremaduran had a horse that put the horse unbridled with both hands, and a Mexican businessman once gave him a blank check so he could put a number on it so he could take him to Mexico, the bullfighter himself refused the offer. bidding on the horse and stating that the horse is not for sale. His name was “Fabuloso”, a unique horse for Juan José Rodríguez and one of immense personal value.

Beyond such anecdotes, sources very close to the great mounted bullfighters, an extraordinary horse can cost half a million euros, Since it is an animal that can fix the whole season of a figure, it is therefore something that has no scale, but of economic value.. Maybe it’s more of the heart than the head. The act of betting on an animal that can go well and climb the ladder throughout a campaign.

Diego Ventura and the “experiment” at the beginning of his career

Diego Initiative. © Info Diego Ventura

Diego Ventura is one of the sought-after ones who started his career with 16 and 18 year old horses, very experienced animals, with some physical shortcomings that added a lot to him. His father, Antonio Ventura, saw something of them, because he chose a proven horse for a teenager who was starting to fight congenital conditions. For someone who had to fight for eighty afternoons, maybe those horses weren’t worth it, but for a kid like Ventura, who was just starting out at the time, they were the perfect material to jump into stardom.

Stud farms today

With regard to stud farms, one of the most described at the moment has very bullfighting lines at Manuel Veiga in Portugal. However, famous returns like Diego or Pablo Hermoso already have their own stud farms that have animals of their choosing and bred with it.

Horses that do not have the requisite potential for these numbers are sold to other more modest rejoneadors, or eventually do other work at breeders or are sold for fun.

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