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Victoria Federica will accompany bullfighter Roca Rey, a Peruvian route ‘motomami’ friend

Victoria Federica he is a big bullfighting fanpassion inherited from his mother, baby Elenaand grandfather, Don Juan Carlos. We saw him a few days ago at the Plaza de Las Ventas to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Day, now he has gone to Peru to accompany one of his great friends. bullfighter Roca Rey. Victoria Federica landed in the Andes a few days ago and right-handed and enjoying some of the funniest vacations with his family.

king rock Y Victoria Federica they have been friends for years And now she seems to want to find a place in her busy schedule as an influencer to accompany her on this very special tour since her homeland is in Peru. grandson of don Juan Carlos attended the Cajabamba arena last mondayLocated in the Cajamarca region, about 740 kilometers north of Lima, and declared a historical monument. victim He also had a great time watching his winning friend fight with Diego Galván. They both shouldered king rock won the Scapular of the fairOne of the most important distinctions in the Peruvian fair.

in Peru, Victoria Federica He is completely integrated with his friend’s family. She shared a fun dinner and celebration night with them. Roca Rey’s brother Juan José and his partner Anahi Carrera Freire were also there. After the bullfight, where they drove from a part of the region, everyone had a lot of fun singing and dancing with a local folklore group. CajamarcaIt is also where they can visit monuments located in the mountainous region of northern Peru, such as the cathedral, which has a magnificent altar covered with golden leaves.

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Your sister’s youngest daughter is fun VI. Philip wanted to be photographed driving a mototaxiis one of the most popular means of transport in the region and is used by thousands of Peruvians every day. we saw you dressed there A skinny zippered denim jumpsuit from Mango -He Can be purchased from the website for 49.99 euros– and a long-sleeved black tee underneath, a look she completes Low-heeled sneakers from Nike and a Peruvian hat. His style did not go unnoticed by his friends. Rocio Laffonwho evaluated like real motomamiIt refers to the term Rosalía used on her last album.

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