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Victorious bullfighting show and senior competition

A new Chincón festival was held with a sale in the stands, where veterans showed their maturity to feel the bullfight with a good bull run.

At first in the afternoon I stop a beautiful iron bull from Rinconada Finito de Córdoba in its usual rage to veronica. He hit the bull in the face in class and got used to it. After the third of the sticks and banderillas, Finito toasted the local bullfighter Álvaro de Chinchón and embarked on a mission in front of a bull, who did not tire of seeking the animal’s laps and showed little movement in front of the bullfighter’s crutch, which had been accomplished from the middle of the mission. to tie him more draft muletazos with his right hand. The auctions in the last rounds were brilliant, turning the crutches to the left. Almost all the effective moves above ended the life of the first one. The request was light, and the president admitted in his ear that Finito wasn’t working.

The second in the afternoon, by seniority, corresponded to Manuel Jesús El Cid, who stopped him on the way to veronica and gave sets in favor of the bull’s attack. After the punch, El Cid did a tempered landing with three speed wells that finished off with a good half speed well. After the banderillas, the matador Chinchón offered to his people and embarked on a task in which the animal glides several times, as if nothing was passing the animal in the first two groups by the right python, the matador matador without hesitation. The third group also attacked the animal more with the right hand, El Cid, reaching more lines as a group and continued to do strange things on the rudder attack, especially from the left python. Half-push tilted the animal, and banderillero’s definitive lace stroke finished the afternoon’s second episode. Ear.

The third in the afternoon was for bullfighter Javier Sánchez Vara, who greeted her with a long knee change and made her a temple to Veronica. The matador appeared in banderillas in risky pairs from the inside out, the third on the violin. After the toast, the music soon began to play in groups, with the right hand in the middle of the square. After the second round, the bull decided that this was not his place and closed at the tables where Sanchez Vara continued to fight an already cracked bull with the same hand. End of bullfighting mission Vara is on her knees in the same sack of matadors. The move you had was perfect execution and placement and bull callus without lace. two ears.

Fourth in the afternoon, Rafael, who stopped him with only two slow and one medium speedboats, went to Julia. The animal was given little on horseback to maintain its strength, and Rafael embarked on a mission at the center of the ring marked by the animal’s weakness, where Julia obtained quality loose muletazo by both pythons in a single mission. intentions that it cost him to have the brilliance due to the animal’s lack of travel. The end of the natives’ bullfights aroused the “Goodness” of the people. He left two holes and moves rewards in Ovation.

Fifth-placed Catalan bullfighter Serafín Marín was greeted with bright verónicas and made his fashion show with chicuelinas. After the third banderilla, where Ángel Otero shines, Serafín Marín takes office with right-handed runs, which must watch out for his animal’s sweet and fair attack. At half height, I connect the muletases that shape his work. The natural ones for the left python were longer and more flashy, and the central part of the quest is gathered here. The loose move that twists the bull. two ears.

Sixth in the afternoon was for local bullfighter Aitor Fernández, who was stopped by Verónicas and left him to chance on horseback for chicuelinas. His move for Chicuelinas was caught by the rudder, which pinned him to the ground for several minutes. The bullfighter got up and finished the lift. Aitor Fernández toasted his audience and began a mission, bowing with his right hand at the rudder on the muletazos. Brío took the steering wheel on crutches, and Aitor took advantage of this by engaging the exciting right hands. For the left python, the animal’s condition was just as good, and the task got bigger and more intense. The final laps for the right python were right in the middle of the square before a helm that took depth and quality. Front thrust that makes the rudder tilt and fill the plaza with handkerchiefs. Two excited ears drag behind the wheel and clap.

On the seventh afternoon, it corresponded to local novillero Álvaro Chinchón, who, after welcoming Veronica, toasted all his friends to the bill. In the post, novillero demonstrated his good conditions in a mission that blocked his opponent’s attack, highlighting the last naturals who had long reached the lines. She finished working with narrow ballet flats. Upright and jump. two ears.

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