“We will break the audience record at La Alameda arena”

“We will break the audience record at La Alameda arena”

An exemplary entrepreneur in the world of bullfighting. It can be said that Alberto García was a self-made man. A young man with an impeccable career who has achieved goals unattainable for many in the world of bullfighting since he founded Tauroemoción in 2009. Besides being the entrepreneur of more than a dozen bullrings in Spain, he also manages the arena in Cali (Colombia) and represents bullfighters such as Emilio de Justo or Joselito Adame, among others. Since 2019, he has managed the Alameda de Jaén arena, which he rescued from the uncertainty he lived, regaining the illusion that the fans lost and managed to bring in the best names in bullfighting in these years. A businessman who returns Jaén to the category and glory he should never have lost. So much so that in this two-year pandemic, Alberto García, along with the arena’s owner, decided to pull the cart and not let Jaén run out of bulls, he knew how to value the fans.

“Speaking of bullfighting, I think Jaén has undergone a significant image change as public participation has been much higher since our first year. But above all, I think the prestige of the past has been restored, as evidenced by the fact that José Tomás chose us to reappear. , Talavante and De Justo” confirms García, who managed to finish one of the posters of the season. Saving this place and its fans has not been an easy task, but Alberto is a tireless worker and knows how to find the key to keep everything on the right track. “The keys are the enthusiasm and work we put in from the start, but not just with the company, but with the owner of the square, Francis Sánchez, and the always rowing Juan Carlos Toro, thus restoring the bullfighting glory of the past. I must say the City Council’ “We have the participation of the Provincial Council this year. And that is key. We have to be a team, because if Jaén has some good bullfights, the whole city and province will benefit, as will be demonstrated this weekend with the participation of fans from all over Spain and France. ”, explains the businessman. Good work always pays off and this year proves to be a foundation year for this position. Alberto has very clear ideas and knows what he wants and does not want. If there is one thing that characterizes Tauroemoción, it is it. freshness of ideas, innovation and an effective way of working to reach all audiences, proof of this has never been more extensive for bullfights across the state in Jaén There was no advertising campaign. No one is indifferent to the different billboards placed on the streets, the tents, the two large canvases that open from the facade of the arena.

Tauroemoción has also been a pioneer in running campaigns with all fairs, advertising spots, daily presence on social networks, digital marketing announcements necessary to provide bullfighting visibility. The desire to bullfight is felt in the atmosphere of the city. “At this point, we’re going to break the attendance record at tomorrow’s bullfight (removing José Tomás’ bullfight) and the expectation is huge because the promotion of three bullfighting figures of different herds and castes has been so popular. In addition, the bullfight is consolidated and will also be off to a good start as three other top figures are in the act,” says the bullfighting businessman. Ever since Alberto García and his team landed in Jaén, they have achieved goals as important as celebrating José Tomás’ presentation last June. A fact that has revolutionized the world, as it was his first performance in Spain this season, several years after the war. “More than a difficult challenge, it was an achievement and a privilege, something we will always remember, and something that represented an economic injection for the city and state, in addition to the incalculable value that the name Jaén would be heard all over the world, thanks to these bullfights.” tells about the bullfights that made it the world capital.

After achieving this feat, he set out to do the San Lucas Fair, a task that was no easy feat. But Alberto knows very well what the fans want and has managed to create some posters for this Saturday that continue to be at the height of a square like the Alameda arena with a big bullfight to show. Morante de la Puebla, Talavante and Emilio de Justo with six different iron bulls, a very attractive celebration that could be one of the highlights of the season, as well as the rejones celebration celebrated this Sunday, Sergio Galan, Leonardo and Lea Vicens.

Rarely have three bullfighting figures with iron bulls been announced, let alone a date when the season has progressed as far as October. “Speaking of bullfighting, this year is very special for Jaén because it celebrates the 60th anniversary of the bullfight and I offered to create an extraordinary event after José Tomás’ bullfight, which is why I offered. They gave the bullfighters something special and I am grateful they accepted. There is a great effort for Morante, who has made 100 bullfights at the end of the season,” he said. The season is coming to an end in Spain, but Tauroemoción continues to work with its eyes set on the next season.

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