Young winners of novillada without bullfighters open San Lucas bullfighting fair

Young winners of novillada without bullfighters open San Lucas bullfighting fair

Bullfighter Alfonso Morales. / veronica ruiz

The lines of the Alameda arena in the capital were filled to half their capacity after a fun afternoon of bullfighting.

At the official start of the bullfighting fair for San Lucas in Jaén, a perfect afternoon with plenty of atmosphere in the bullfighting arena, the bullfighting is filled to almost half its capacity. The celebration had as much encouragement as the presence of three bullfighters from the Bullfighting Cultural School in Jaén.

To be exact, the Bullfighting School celebrates twenty-five years of life and features three outstanding bullfighters who performed yesterday in novillada without the bullfighters of Jaén, Fuentes Bocanegra, Pedro Aparicio and Alfonso Morales, the last two natives of Jaén.

So yesterday afternoon the herd of ‘Palancares’ grappled. A sextet with an accurate presentation and also very little play. Bullfighter Juanmi Vidal from Sanlúcar de Barrameda closed the celebration. It showed good conditions and nice bullfighting with capote and muleta. He killed it with a big thrust, cutting off the maximum trophies.

The performance of three bullfighters from the Bullfighting Cultural School in Jaén, Fuentes Bocanegra, Pedro Aparicio and Alfonso Morales is noteworthy.

Fuentes is a bullfighter born in Bocanegra, Córdoba, with famous surnames associated with the world of bullfighting, pointing to the Jaén School where he found the stability and peace needed to stand out. Yesterday afternoon, Palacares once again demonstrated with his helm the innate conditions of the art of spooning that he has aimed year-round.

He moved in the first place, calm and confident, but the helm did not allow him to show off. Lazy, classless, and with almost no travel in his attack, he didn’t let the bullfighter have fun, though he left brushstrokes especially on the right python. He cut off one of his ears.

Then we saw another one of the outstanding students who are currently creating more expectations. Pedro Aparicio is one of the bullfighters who impresses with his serious appearance and determined demeanor while fighting. He had a noble and weak helm in equal proportions from Palacares. With his cloak, and especially his crutches, he stood out in a job that went from little to more. His final part was huge in the suburban areas, putting up a riot in two full laps, the best of his performance. He loved it for his etiquette and the calm he had before the helm. Declaring himself the big winner of the bullfight, he cut off both ears and tails.

In fourth place was Alfonso Morales, another of the elite novilleros of the Jaén Bullfighting School. It was much taller than when we first saw it, showing a clear evolution and more information when interpreting bullfights. There’s something different about Morales, a sense of character that isn’t as common in young bullfighters as they are at the start of their careers.

He received a very complex referral from Palacares yesterday. The young man did not wrinkle, he was invaluable for everything he did. He showed great capacity, inherent value and circumstances that could take him far. He was caught in the sword, losing possible trophies.

Armando Bustos of the Motril Bullfighting School could not shine before an uncooperative helm. It was still very green. Silenced. Catalan Mario Vilau is a tall novillero with desire and even good bullfighting with the best helmsman dragging around the ring.

more bulls

From 5:30 pm there will be a bullfight that can and should be a great afternoon bullfight. Seville bullfighter José Antonio ‘Morante de la Puebla’ and three great bullfighting figures, headed by Alejandro Talavante and Emilio de Justo from Extremadura, come together on the poster. In the barns are six bulls from different herds and wrens, which should give the celebration a variety that can be huge, given the atmosphere around the bullfight, which can be very attractive to anyone who comes to the bullfight.

In the livestock department, bulls from Francisco Galache, Garcigrande, Pallarés, Daniel Ruiz, Victorino Martín and Juan Pedro Domecq are expected to emerge from the pigsty door. Various farms and inns never seen before in Jaén.

There was a debate about whether cattle could be drawn on the posters and it was finally settled. Thus, the bulls will be drawn and the celebration will take place smoothly, above all with the performance of the cigar manufacturer ‘Morante de la Puebla’. In the season with few celebrations left to fulfill his hundreds of bullfight dreams, he comes to Jaén to repeat his performance from last year, where he wins a big victory after doing a great job on a Sancho Dávila bull.

The performance at the Alameda arena this afternoon will be the only performance by Alejandro Talavante from Extremadura in the province of Jaén. The season was marked by a cold start, with anticipation high due to a long-awaited comeback. Emilio de Justo, again from Extremadura, closes the list. No one would believe such a miracle, but the bullfighter’s will, daily effort, and boundless ambition performed the miracle and he was healed.

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