'Zalduendo' hits 'El Zorro'

‘Zalduendo’ hits ‘El Zorro’

One of the best things about writing in a digital environment is that there is no minimum number of characters. Otherwise, I don’t know what would have happened if I suddenly had to write today. Because what happened in the arena ‘La Ribera’ this afternoon is nothing and nothing less.

One host came to the bullfighting arena with only one doubt: if the zeta the Zalduendo bulls wear on the trunk is the anchor of livestock or the sign of the night and treacherous attack of “El Zorro” by usurping the slightest glimpse of caste and courage.

Doubts were quickly cleared. The “Zorro” thing. The bullfight that ‘Zalduendo’ brought to Logroño today couldn’t be more outcast and docile. So much so that the best part of the afternoon was the weak introduction to the lines of ‘La Ribera’; Therefore, those who witnessed such livestock nonsense were very few. And even better.

PHOTO: Eduardo del Campo.

The most humble trio of those who appeared at this fair matea failed until presentation. All bulls lacked this turn of the python, a sign of seriousness and stigma. For some, rennet is necessary to look like a bull. A memorable afternoon of bullfighting that left only three or four notes in the memory:

One: how far Antonio Ferrera fought. He has always been seen fighting along the same lines and parallel to that, outside of the bull’s face rather than areas where he should have stepped on and never did.

PHOTO: Eduardo del Campo.

Two: I think Ureña even delivered a dose of testosterone to the second runner up, and so her violin contained some substance.

Three: The slack of a box that rewards trophies with inappropriate moves. Material.

Four (and perhaps the most important): The trend and concept of Leo Valadez, a young Mexican who interprets natural bullfighting with stroke, rage, and compass in the first. Also with cadence. He also put on banderilla and even tried to make a cape bullfight. Undoubtedly a young value to be reckoned with.

PHOTO: Eduardo del Campo.

And so in the afternoon, when the sixth bull injured his hand a third of a meter, rendering him useless for combat, he fell from the abyss of nothingness. A vote for the president, settled by good judgment, decency and success. Maybe slowly, but let’s see: When a bull is disabled during a fight, the Regulation says that no other bull should replace it.

Until then, everything is correct. But as I told you, it turns out that none of his five brothers who were looted by ‘El Zorro’ were forwarding anything to the lines. That’s the dilemma: “Should I return it or exchange it for another one?” The President has no such authority, unless this leads to a public order debate, but it will take a few minutes.

PHOTO: Eduardo del Campo.

As I said, it was the last bull of a disastrous afternoon and it was appropriate to consult with the businessman whether to replace the sixth bull for another bull or to end the celebration. He was clean. The cries of ‘Hands up, this is a robbery’ were the only way out. Return. It was. Anger resounded like those of ‘La Manzanera’. According to the tablet, the bull looked like it belonged to ‘Banksy’, but in reality it belonged to Esteban Isidro. Written
with a graffiti, yes. It was as bad as those of ‘Zalduendo’; Without the “El Zorro” zeta. Nothing the ‘Zalduendo’ thing has gained by not returning to Logroño for years. Although the company has an iron.

‘La Ribera’ arena. Third payment. 5 bulls from ‘Zalduendo’ and a bull from ‘Esteban Isidro’ competed in sixth place. Fair presentation, too lazy, too outcast, and generally docile.
• ANTONIO FERRERA, silence and ear.
• PACO UREÑA, ear and silence.
• LEO VALADEZ, ear and applause.

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